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Friday, February 20, 2009


My name is Katherine. I'm completely new to blogging. I'm completely new to a lot of things this year; namely needlework design. I always seem to be stitching something. Not just my stuff either. My favorite designer is The Prairie Schooler. Currently I'm working on the "Weather Wise Series". Pictures will be posted soon.


My husband purchased me a lovely rustic cabinet a couple of years ago. It is beside my chair where I do my stitching. The many drawers store my fabric, some fibers, and lots of charts. One drawer has the ones I've finished. Another has charts I'll do one day and another drawer contains the charts in a holding pattern. Like jets lined up to roll down the runway these charts have their fibers and fabric and are just waiting their turn on the scroll frame. The pieces that are currently in line are "Canadian Journey" by Guilia Manfredini; "A Petit Sampling Etui" which is a collaboration project between Cherished Stitches, Praiseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor and With My Needle. Finally I have "Rain, Rain, Go Away" by Prairie Schooler.


I attended the Nashville Market from February 5 through 8, 2009. I met a whole lot of wonderful people. There were a pair of great gals, Lesley and Naomi from Stitches and Spice (they do overdyed fabric and floss in NSW, Austrailia). Then Robin from Old Willow Stitchery and her husband, such nice folks! And Rae from Durango Button Company. She's given me a really good idea for a new piece! And Ellen Chester from With My Needle; a lovely lady who does BEAUTIFUL work. I can only hope to be so good one day. I also met Guilia Manfredini who came all the way from her home in Italy to be with us. She was delightful and told very touching stories. Her work, as well, is just exquisite.