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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winner of the Give Away - and TripWitch

And the Winner is . . . drum roll please . . . Natasha (from California)!!!  YAY!!!  I've already sent her an email congratulating her. 

Also, as previously promised, here's a picture of what I like to call TripWitch.  They are by Brookes Books.  I've been looking at these for ever so long and finally decided to get them.  A bit of advice - I didn't buy the Kreinik braid that was called for when I ordered the charts.  I thought that they were only going to be used for hi-lites at the end.  Well, they're actually used pretty extensively for the cross stitch.  So I'd recommend that if you get these, track down the Kreinik too so you can make progress right away.  I'm in the situation now where I have to stop and wait; consequently, these won't be done for Halloween THIS year. 

Anyway, I wanted to say that I got a pretty good deal on these, ordering them directly from Brooke.  The three of them, WITH THE PERF PAPER, come together for $29.99 and that INCLUDES SHIPPING.  That's a good deal when they sell from shops for $10 and I'm not sure that includes the paper and know it doesn't include the shipping.

And, she's got some new designs coming out soon that are really cute for Christmas. 

Off to meet up with an old friend today and bum around a bit and have lunch.  We're meeting at the Crate & Barrel outlet so who knows what kind of trouble I'll get into while I'm gone!

Thank you all so much for being interested in my giveaway, for reading my blog and complimenting it SO much and for following - I look forward to visiting each and every one of YOUR blogs and getting to know you better.  Talk soon!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BBD AotH Question

Last night I was looking over the new charts I received for the Blackbird Designs Anniversarys of the Heart series.  Since I'm just starting out - a little behind the curve, as usual, I admit - I noticed that they have a layout for if you're stitching them all on one big piece of fabric.  AND that there are two boxes marked BONUS.

The first BONUS appears between February and March and the other one at the end of all twelve.  So I looked in my February booklet and then in my March booklet and there was no BONUS material.

So my question is - does anyone know anything about the BONUS material?  Has the first one come out?  Are they supposed to come out at the end of the series?  Are you supposed to leave a big blank between February/March to accept the BONUS when it comes out and if so, what size?

I'm going to look on the BBD Blog and see if anything is mentioned about this BONUS, but thought in the meantime some of my readers Siobhan Vonna Siobhan Vonna (read as subliminal messaging) might be able to enlighten me?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Stash

I went to the mailbox today and was surprised to find a package - the package of things I'd ordered from Welcome Stitchery just last Thursday!  Did I say they treat you like a long lost friend?  They even reduced the price of the shipping on my bill - always a "Welcome" sight.  By the way, here's a link to Welcome Stitchery.

Here's the first batch - I'd forgotten to mention I got the Brooks Books "Spirits" here too - they were on sale.  On the left is Spirit of the Sugar Plum Fairy; on the right is Spirit of America.  Plus, see they sent me a newsletter and a freebie!  Yay!

Then there were the BBD AotHs -

I only got the first three (well, I don't know if they really ARE the FIRST three, they just represent the first three months of the year).  January - for me - February for I don't know why yet, but my grandfather WAS born on Valentine's Day - and March for my youngest son and my granddaughter.  I'm already thinking about how I'm going to alter the first one and have come up with an idea on what to do with the fabric for these too.  Stay tuned.  Think the first thing I'll do will be the "TripWitch" which hasn't arrived yet.  Show ya soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Done (Dah Duh Duh DAAAHHHHUunnnn) BBD 2008 Mystery Sampler

I finished fixing my BBD 2008 Mystery Sampler piece that wasn't going together right.  Those of you who have done this before may notice I changed the design a little on the 4th panel.  I skipped the 5th panel altogether because honestly, I just didn't like it and didn't think it went with the rest of the design.  Also, another stitcher on the web mentioned that she had trouble linking the ring on the second panel her first time around and had to frog it and restitch.  I had the same problem.  I think that the ring has some sort of hypnotic power.  I paid a lot closer attention to what I was doing the second time around and managed to resist the power of the Black Birds! 

Oh, it's probably already been mentioned a zillion times since 2008, but the chart calls for Gentle Art "Basil" and I looked and looked through my collection and went to the nearest to me shop (Needlewoman East in Falls Church, VA - Liz is a wonder) and couldn't find it there and then one day I said, gee, I wonder if . . . and looked through my WDW collection and found it there.  So, it's a Weeks floss, not Gentle Art.  Also, funny story.  I read the color "basil" and was thinking green.  Went through all the greens, many times.  Then, went through all the colors.  When I finally did find it in the Weeks floss, I looked at it and it was mostly purple with greenish color too and I went OH - duh!  PURPLE Basil !!!  And then I looked at the chart again and said to myself, well, what color did you think those GRAPES were supposed to be?  Sometimes I'm just really, really s-l-o-w. 

I just sewed it up and said the heck with it!  Wasn't going to unstitch it, wasn't going to stitch on it so'more; was just done!  Although I love the vintage-y "look I found these four different pieces - stitched by four different people - at four different times in my life - and put them together - and look what I got - look", I don't think I'll try this at home again.  It was frustrating working on the small pieces of linen and I definitely didn't like the surprise of them not going together right when I was all done.  My husband and son have been asking me all along - why are you doing that again?  They just don't get the concept - MEN!  But I have to say, I agree with them this time.

On the other hand, I have loved this sampler since I started seeing people's completed projects on the web in late 2008.  I love the turquoise and I love that shade of green and I think that BBD did a wonderful job designing it - especially the hypnotic ring.  It sings to me.  AND, one benefit is that I've decided that one of these designs will make a pretty cute, small wedding sampler for someone I know.  Yeah, I know - means I have to work with a small piece of linen again.  Oh well.  In the stitching world, sometimes all the stars align and sometimes they don't.

I have ordered some new charts to keep me busy into the fall and winter.  A tripwitch from Brooks Books (yes, I typed that right - you'll see) and also three of BBD's Anniversaries of the Heart.  Siobhan is responsible for that.  She's been stitching them and personalizing them and just making me love them.  In the meantime, I'm stitching some Prairie Schooler Santas into ornaments. 

So, there's this little shop on the web called Welcome Stitchery and I just loved the way they treated me the last time I ordered from them - like I was a long, lost friend (although any shop owner in their right mind these days probably should treat all paying customers like long, lost friends since so few people are spending money on fripperies - says my husband).  Anyway, I got the BBDs from them and ordered directly from Brook.  My DIL likes her stuff and I may do these and send them on.  I also spotted some Pirate-ty stuff in the Nordic Needle Catalog, made by Mill Hill.  But, right now, my spending limit has been reached.  By the way, did you know that today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Hmmm?  Or, should I say ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

P-s-s-s-s-t Have You Heard About my First Give Away?

I'm doing a Give Away.  That's right, I finally got myself together enough to actually proceed with my very first Give Away.

Here's what you'll get -

Since we've been painting and I've actually had to clean my house instead of ignore it, I realized I have more stash than I know what to do with.  My DIL isn't into "country" or "primitive" style, so can't send this to her.  I had purchased two charts - this one and the other one that says "America, America".  I ended up stitching "America, America" (twice! - gave the other one to my BFF) and putting this one away.  Have decided that I won't use this one.  So, this is an unused chart EXCEPT I wrote the size of the piece of linen I'd need on it.  Then there is a piece of R&R linen "St. Valentine's Blend" that is 13-3/4 x 17, MORE than big enough to stitch this piece.  And finally, two unopened packages of petite needles - I find that they're too small for my fumbly fingers. 

My loss is your gain!  Here's what you do -

Tell everyone on God's Green Earth about this Giveaway.  If you post a comment on this blog entry, I'll give you a chance.  If you post it on your website and tell me that you have, I'll give you a chance.  If you become a NEW follower, I'll give you a chance.  Chances-a-Plenty!
I will draw the winner next Sunday - September 26, 2010.  Best of Luck and Thank you!


In early August I posted about a "Mystery Tool" that had been given me by a friend at the Historic Society.  I asked for guesses on what it was.  A few people ventured a guess and one person actually knew what it was.  It turns out she has a blog dedicated to the Thingamajig. 

The Singercraft was something invented back in the 20's to use as a tool along with the homemaker's sewing machine to do projects such as rugs (see project page photos below) or as "fake fur" accents on clothing (and idea that I really like).

While I have not yet had time to try it out on my Bernina, it appears that the tool can be used with any sewing machine as it doesn't actually attach to the machine, but is used WITH it. 

And, for those who are curious, these are the instructions for how to use it.  It appears that mine is the 2nd generation of the tool and probably not high on the list of valuable collector's items.

I still hope to experiment with this doololly - I keep saying it, but - when I have time.  Ha!  Let us not hold our breath.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bee Line March Sampler Finished

At long last, after nearly five months of on-again/off-again stitching, the Bee Line March Sampler is finished and ready to be prepped as a chart.  It was really hard to stitch this because it was like doing it a second time.  Although I changed some elements and added others, it was very much the same as the panels I stitched for the award winning box (click on the DAR label to see pictures of that).  It will just kill your brain cells doing a big project like this - TWICE!!  I am SO relieved it is done.  It is stitched entirely with Gentle Art threads on 32 count linen.

I don't know what I was thinking taking the pictures in the shade this morning, but I did and that's it.  I'm sure when it is framed there will be much better pictures.  In between working on this, I was doing four of the five panels of Blackbird Designs 2008 Mystery Sampler.  They're all done except two of them don't want to go together right so that needs a little tweeking.  Until then I have to figure out how to make a nice print on fabric for a little project to hopefully sell at the Apple Harvest Festival in town.  Wish me luck!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Just Can't Believe It

There's this blog I follow - well, maybe I should say "followed".  I read the newest post and was really offended.  The writer's entry was an open letter to an acquaintance who apparently is a designer and has designed a line for Target.

And I should probably say here that both the designer and Target have nothing to do with this.

All was well until she said she was so glad he was bringing his brand of design to the "Common People".  Wow.  I just could not believe that she wrote that.  And this is the woman who designs popular "French military" fabric that we all buy.  Or maybe that should be "bought".  Because I might just be too common to buy it anymore.

I could have posted a link to her blog, but decided against it.  If you're interested, it's easy enough to look up.  Make up your own  mind.

EDITED:  Yep, Siobhan's right - she's changed the blog entry to read "to those of us who love your work" instead of "to the common people".  Oh, and the comments that a few people put on the entry - about how common we were - well, they're gone too.  What is it the French say?  C'est la vie!