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Monday, April 5, 2010

I Don't Usually Do This . . . .

. . . but -  since I haven't got anything to say about my personal sewing/needlework just now, I thought I'd tell you about this book I'm reading.

It is called The Wedding Officer and it's by Anthony Capella.  I got it at a very good price from Amazon.  I have no idea how I actually found this book on Amazon, but, a l-o-n-g time ago, I had added it to my wishlist.  I ordered a book last week and in order to get my supersaver (aka FREE SHIPPING) I needed to add just a little bit more to my order.  So, I went into my wishlist to see what I could dig up.  And this was there and didn't cost much.

I have been reading since late last week and have been mostly unable to put it down.  I say mostly because life actually has intervened and I've had to put it down for things like cooking dinner, planting azaleas, making birthday cake (my youngest just turned 18!) and loving on my dogs and husband.  I've also been enjoying our cherry trees in bloom.  We planted them fall 2008 and were very disappointed by them last spring.  But, we didn't panic and waited another year only to be paid off in droves.  The picture at right is of the Weeping Cherry we planted in the front yard.  It was covered with beautiful blossoms.  I wanted a picture of it in the evening sun and had to wait until I was home Sunday night to do it.  UNFORTUNATELY, middle of the night on Saturday we had a big windy front come through and when I got up Sunday morning, I had few blossoms left.  Que sera, que sera as Doris used to sing - maybe a better pic next year.  It was gorgeous for two days though!

Back to the book though - I love history and this story takes place in WWII Italy.  If you liked Captain Corelli's Mandolin, you will probably like this book.  There is a very shocking scene in the story about the murder of a cow.  It is horrible and made me think bad things of Austrailians for about an hour and a half.  I know, they're good people; Gift of Stitching is produced by an Aussie - or is she really from New Zealand?  Anyway, I digress. . .

Capella has his own website where you can read about other of his books - I think I'm hooked and will get another.  His prose is very attention grabbing - whether he's got the attention of my taste buds or my intellect.  Have a great week - I'm helping the treasurer now at the historical society and am putting on a Boy Scout display in the museum as well as trying to get things done for clients.  Think it'll be a busy week for me for sure!

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  1. Thanks for the book tip! I will look it up. If you like books about Italy during WWII... or just want a tip on a good book in general, check out A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell. It's a great book.


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