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Monday, June 14, 2010

Scissors and Case

This is the scissors case that I've been stitching on for the last two months or so.  The canvas was small, so it was difficult to get the needle and thread through.  It was also the first time I'd tried stitching needlepoint on my scroll bars.  The fella at the shop told me that if you put your needlepoint on scroll bars or stretcher bars, the canvas won't get all stretched out of shape while you stitch.  This is particularly important if you want to save thread by using the Continental Stitch rather than the Basketweave Stitch.   Since I was stitching with Silk & Ivory (part silk, part wool) I wanted to save on thread.  However, I was also trying to teach myself the Basketweave Stitch.  So, I did most of the stitching in Basketweave and still didn't run out of thread!  Yay!

Now I need to finish it.  Unfortunately, it's going into the pile of unfinished stuff that I have to do for myself, because I'm loaded up with other work to do.  Maybe I'll be done with it by Christmas-time and put it in my stocking.  Yeah, right!

I found a really nice looking pair of scissors on the web today - they're black and made in Italy.  And available through this online needlepoint store.

The scissors I really, really want are OUT of THIS WORLD expensive (only $144 plus shipping!), so I will continue to dream - and hope that someone somewhere eventually puts them in a yard sale for 5 bucks!  The Tartan Sewing Set is from Sajou and if you haven't visited their site, you're in for a treat.


  1. Beautiful scissor holder! Love the plaid scissors!

  2. Your scissors case is beautiful! I've never tried needlepoint but it looks very intricate. Nice new stash enhancement, too!

  3. Gorgeous scissor case. I like those tartan scissors too! The pair from Italy are nice as well. I salute your ability to finish anything; I have only ever had things framed.

  4. Alice - I think you should try something small, that you can do by hand. Just pretend you're "stitching" something. You might surprise yourself. Thanks for following my blog!


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