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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Windy Ridge Trading Post Now Open

I've spent the last couple of weekends going through my sewing room.  It WAS a disaster!  I'm running out of space.  So, I made the decision to clear out some stuff.  And I'm going to give YOU the opportunity to get that stuff.  I'm open for trading!  See the white bar under my banner picture?  It says Home and Blown Away From Windy Ridge and Windy Ridge Trading Post?  Those are my blog pages.  Click on the page for the Trading Post and it will show you all the stuff I have for trade.

Now don't worry, it doesn't mean I'll never do another Give Away.  In fact, I'm planning to do one soon for my BlogAverSary!  That's not 'til later in the month though.

You may remember that in addition to being a cross stitcher, I've also done some quilting and finishing.  I also dabble in rug hooking, machine sewing, etc. etc. etc.  Some of the things I have for trade are charts that I've used and don't want to keep.  Some things are stuff I've bought and wanted to do, but have never had the time to do.  It's time for those things to find a new home with someone who will attend to them more than I.  Some things are from my fabric stash that I have had to admit I will just never get around to using ALL of it.

I have made suggestions for what I'd like to trade for, but if you see something you want and don't have exactly the things I've suggested I'd like to have in return, then by all means, make a suggestion!  I'd love to hear from ya'll anyway.  Let's Make a Deal!

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