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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another One Done - Marry Me Brittany

My goal for this year was to "finish" the things that I had stitched in the last couple of years.  This one was first on my list of pieces to get framed.  It is my own design, called Marry Me Brittany and is inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch frakturs.  I'm selling the chart for $11 if anyone is interested, just email me.  I also designed a German style alphabet so that the initials can be changed.  A friend of mine from high school is the mother of Logan (the groom) and I met his lovely bride (Brittany) a few years ago; they are just the cutest couple.  They were engaged when I met Brittany.  Now they have a child!  My how time flys when you're having fun!

I decided when we parted that I would design a wedding sampler as their gift.  Unbeknownst to me, we were at that time headed for one of the deepest recessions this country has seen since the Great Depression.  I got the stitching all done, fine and well - actually took me a few months.  By the time I'd finished stitching though, my husband had lost his job and I couldn't afford to get it framed.  That was two years ago.  We thankfully have gotten back up to snuff now.  It's off in the mail tomorrow to go to Jacksonville.  Next up is my Bee Line March sampler.  I hope they like it.  Updates on my stitching soon.  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. It's a beautiful sampler and I love the story of what inspired you to design it.
    I think Logan and Brittany will be thrilled with their gift.


  2. Great piece with an even better backstory! I am sure they will be thrilled with their gift!

  3. What a wonderful gift, I'm sure they will love it

  4. They are a cute couple! What a thoughtful gift.

  5. What a neat gift! I'm sure they loved it. The frame was worth waiting for, too.


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