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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AotH May Update - Part Deux

Somehow I got ahead of myself on the Christmas Rules so I continued working on the first bonus pattern in the Anniversaries of the Heart series - did you all see Siobhan's gorgeous version? 

So, here's bonus 1 finished. 

 This first picture shows you what the fabric color looks like.  I think it's khaki something.  Remeber, I cobbled together a bunch of linen scraps to form my fabric and a lot of the color names I do not know.

I made some changes to the design.  I added my own borner on the left; I just didn't care for the same border on the left that was on the right.  Nuf' said.

On the second photo you can see what the thread colors more or less look like.  We've had lots and lots of rain here since the weekend.  My grass looks fantastic!  My newly planted shrubs are loving it!  But it is a little difficult to get a good photograph.  Since everything is so wet outside, I just went out on the front porch, held up the scroll bars and snapped some pics. 

I really wasn't at all sure that the chosen colors for this were going to show up on the fabric, but they did - in an old, antique sampler sort of way.

I also paraphrased a line from Helen Hunt Jackson's Verses at the bottom since I'm highlighting the Mays in my family

Last pic shows a detail of one of the flowers in my border.  I guess since I've finally been able to do French knots, I'm going to go crazy with them for awhile. 

When the storms stopped last night after supper time I went out to see how the garden had faired.  We had over 3 inches of rain yesterday.  The sun even came out while I was out there squishing around.  I decided to check the strawberry patch - just to get my mouth watering for what I assumed would come down the pike when we finally got a few days of sun.  My strawberries have been blooming since the 2nd week in April.  To my surprise there were ripe strawberries in the patch.  To my shock and awe, there were A LOT of ripe strawberries in the patch.  I came inside about an hour later with about three quarts worth.  And they were SO good!  Didn't eat them ALL, but have no fear, we will.
Also, as a follow up to my dictionary reading . . . I was watching the TODAY Show this morning and Ann Curry went to Denmark to do some crazy game show thing.  They were talking about a Danish word hugga and she asked someone what it meant and they said (while they teased here about her pronunciation - I think it's supposed to be something like  whoo-ga) that it meant "cozy".  I turned and said to my son, "I wonder if that is the origin of our English word "hug".  So, we pulled out our old friend the dictionary.  Guess what!?  It said the origin was ON, meaning Old Norse and came from their word hugga.  Wow!  So, here's a big Danish-style virtual hugga to all ya'll out there!  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Your piece looks wonderful. I think that this is a wonderful design and I wish that I had jumped on the bandwagon and stitched it as each part came out.

    And I love strawberries and I'm not surprised that you have so many. We have a lot of strawberries in Michigan and they love the rain (of which we've gotten way too much of).

  2. AotH looks beautiful! Glad you have mastered the french knot, they can be trying sometimes!

    I have been enjoying strawberries from the garden too! Aren't they delicious!!

  3. Your AotH looks lovely.
    I love fresh strawberries, they are just starting to come into season round here

  4. I love your colour choices for AotH! It looks really neat with the different scraps of fabric too.

  5. I love the progress of your AoTH and the changes you have made.

    Sadly I think we picked our last strawberry last week. I think it's time to give them a good cutting back and leave them until the spring.

  6. It's looking beautiful. I like the look of different fabrics together.

  7. Strawberries--YUM!! I love them and miss the big honkin' berries you get in the US.

    Your AotH looks AMAZING!! I love the little saying about May. Very clever! Thanks for the shout out, too!


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