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Saturday, October 1, 2011

End of September Update

I had planned on getting back to Opus Magnusson, after my start on the American Sampler, but, I got so busy and so into AS, that I just never did.  Here is my progress on the sampler -

I am stitching it on Lakeside "Navy Bean" 32 ct. and using the DMC colors.  That house was a bugger to do with all those over-one stitches, so I've begun cheating.  Instead of doing ALL over-ones, where I can, I am doing over-two and then doing the over-ones to complete; like in the sheep.  They were supposed to be done ALL over one.  I looked at that and said "Forgedaboudit!"  (I love the way Hugh Grant says that in Mickey Blue Eyes!)  Also, the windows are all done mostly over-one.  But what I did there was just a half cross stitch.  Got the same coloration I needed and took half the time!  YAY!

Some of you, like Siobhan, have correctly calculated that this is THAT chart that has tons of Queen Stitches.  I really dislike Queens.  I will try and do the thing as charted, but if those Queens give me fits, I will convert those sections over to cross stitch - or some other stitch that will cover; I am not into self-torture.

Husband's car has been repaired, mechanically.  Thanks to all of you who inquired after my son's welfare.  He's absolutely fine.  The judgement of the mechanic (and others he's consulted) is that the value of the car makes it not worth continuing with the major body work that the car will need to be brought back to where it was.  So, looks like we've got to get Husband a new car sometime soonish.  Husband is stubborn, so he's driving car until it falls apart underneath him.  I'm thinking of getting him a kevlar suit for Christmas.

At the same time that the car was wreaked, my dishwasher broke down.  When we bought it, the house had been outfitted with Jen Air appliances.  Except, for some reason, had no fridge.  So, we had to buy our own.  I'm a pretty loyal Kitchenaide/Whirlpool customer, so we bought a KA fridge.  Every single one of the Jen Air appliances have had major problems over time.  The oven door has never shut properly.  We had a repairman out when we moved in and he said, oh, you have that oven.  They know there's a problem, but they don't know how to fix it.  Say what?  I ended up having to put a strip of industrial velcro on it to hold it closed; can you believe that?  One day my husband went to open the oven and the plastic oven handle broke.  One day he left the oven door slightly ajar (you know how you do in the winter to get the residual heat into the house?) and the digital display no longer works.  The dishwasher had a small leak that we'd fixed a couple of times, but one day I opened it and the handle broke off in my hand (I swear we are not a family of Godzillas!)  Soon the delay feature on the dishwasher wasn't working and then it just wouldn't start at all.  My husband said it was some sort of relay switch.

We calculated the time and effort in repairing it versus going out for a new one.  Well, I've found the layout of that dishwasher difficult from day one.  Did some research, came up with a price for a new one and Husband said, let's go shopping.  So, for $449 we got a brand new model Whirlpool.  Even better, they're running a $50 rebate on it, so we end up paying just under $400 for it and got free delivery.  I even saved money by not buying the more expensive "stainless steel" finish.  Black looks just as good - even better since it won't require special cleansers like the SS.   Husband installed it the other night (savind $125) and I ran it for the first time yesterday while I was cooking dinner.  The dishwasher was quieter than the oven.  I am very pleased.  I have decided that if I can put a new oven in the hole for the old one I'm going to treat myself to a new one at Christmas.  I may have trouble because the microwave is over the oven and I'm not sure if they're a two-fer.  Will have to investigate that.

Will begin work on my Anniversaries of the Heart for October tonite or tomorrow so will update soon on that.  Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Your stitching is gorgeous! Your husband sounds so like mine when it comes to cars...I have been trying to get him to get a new pickup for years but he will drive his until it falls apart around him which may be soon from the look of it! LOL Glad you got a nice new dishwasher, they are so quiet now aren't they! We are a Whirlpool family too. Hope you get to replace that oven too!

  2. When it rains, it pours, Katherine! Hey, at least you got a new dishwasher out of it :)

    Thanks for the update on the son/car situation.
    Having trouble posting today-kiddlady at yahoo dot com

  3. Beautiful stitching! I'm not a big fan of over one stitching either. My husband could care less about the way his car looks so long as it gets him where he's going and right now it's not looking so good. :) Sounds like you got a good deal on your dishwasher and how nice that your husband was able to install it himself.

  4. Why do I picture your husband riding around in his car like Fred Flinstone, using his feet to get him around?? LOL It's always something, isn't it?! My husband's van door won't open now and we were laughing yesterday (to keep from crying) that at some point, things just HAVE to get better. Still, though, I know others who have more pressing worries so I should take my problems and run for the hills with happiness, so I shall shut my trap.

    Yeay on the new dishwasher! Ours is on its way out--came with the house, which is 10+ years old. I don't know if it's builder's grade or just old but it's now leaking and makes a lot of noise. We've been hand washing the dishes and drying as we go if it's just the younger two, DH & I at home, though, in a quest to save on the electric bill. I don't know if it's working or if it was just my DH's evil plan. LOL

    Love the blog header photo! Your AS looks amazing, too.


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