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Friday, January 13, 2012

Roadmap for A Path

At lot has been happening up here on Windy Ridge and it's kept me from sitting down and updating you.  This is probably the first of several entries I'll make that should get the job done.  I was really, really sick in December and you know how it is, moms are usually the ones that handle all of life's little emergencies for the family.  My golden retriever, Buddy, had a funny thing happen to his mouth sometime between December 3 and Christmas.  At first, one of his lower front teeth disappeared.  Then his chin started to expand.
Now, I wasn't even allowed to go outside and certainly didn't have the wherewithall to drive somewhere.  I thought he'd gotten something stuck in his teeth - did I tell you about the frozen rabbit carcass (beheaded) that he "retrieved" and brought to me in the first days of December?  Apparently that was a coyote's leftovers and Buddy was SO proud.  Anyway, long story short, it was just after New Year's when I was able to get him into the vet.  And she was devastated to tell me that she and her
colleage thought that Buddy had a cancerous growth.  She said she'd dealt with this before.  I won't tell you what she told me they could do.  Suffice it to say that I would never do that to an animal.  So, I was pretty depressed.  Followed by my husband and son when I related the news to them.  Poor Buddy - I couldn't look at him without crying.  So, we went in and had a biopsy done and waited.  Well, the vet called the other night and she said that they can't quite believe it, but the biopsy came back saying he has a sort of gingivitis infection.  I was floored.  Now, don't get too excited.  both she and her colleage can't believe it - so much so that they've asked the pathology lab to look at it again to confirm.  So we're in a hopeful holding pattern.  Meanwhile, he's on strong antibiotics and woke me at 4:30 this morning for an emergency going out!  And boy, he was in a hurry! 

This past weekend I worked on organizing my client's quilt project.  It is to be done just as in the book A Path to the Civil War, by Dolores Smith.  It is available at Amazon.  My client got most of the fabrics, but she's not a quilter, and the help she got from a shop was not spot on.  So, there were some gaps that I had to fill in - like the blues and greens - and the background fabrics.  All that is sorted out though.

This is my Roadmap.  I know, a lot of you have GPS talking boxes now, but I still use maps.  This one reveals snippets of all the fabrics that will be used in the quilt. Each is identified as a number or letter.

This will hopefully help me distribute all the fabrics evenly throughout the quilt.

Then, in the book I have little post its to tell me which piece of fabric (identified by its number or letter) will be used in each block.

This quilt is sashed in cheddar.  It was a particularly important part of the working process that I use cheddar colored Post-it Notes and consume cheddar Cheese Nips - helps me keep my focus.

Now I just have to figure out how to use short-cut cutting methods instead of cutting with templates.  Sigh.

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