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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Watched My Most Recent DA Episode - and some Stitching!

Well !!!  That's almost all I can say!  There was certainly a lot of gasping on my part last night while I was watching.  I was shocked!  Shocked I say!  By Lord Grantham.  I kept saying - doesn't anyone know how to look in on these two????  Good Grief! 

And does anyone else out there think that Mary is a biyatch of the first water?  I just cannot bring myself to like her.  I don't hate her, but I sure don't like her either.  Saying that butler's were basically a dime a dozen in Carson's hearing was just awful!  I guess I'm showing my blue collar roots.

I was schlepping on yesterday and they have quite a lot about DA - another thing that everyone else is probably up on.  But, one thing I did see is that they have a very nice set, season one and season two on DVD plus a book and CD of the music.  And the price has been slashed down to $55.99.  Yowzzza!  That is a great price!  So, I ordered me a set!  I think I must have missed the very first show in season one so I'm hoping to catch up on that, but I think I will want to watch the whole darned thing several times over.  It is SO fabulous!

I actually have some stitching to show to you.  It's an update of the stocking I'm working on for my daughter in law. 

The top one shows the progress on the lower portion (heel and toe) where I'm now working.  I used to do these and wait until the very end before I put in any of the detail work.  But, I can't stand to wait anymore.  So, when I got to the point above, I worked on my details as shown in the bottom photo.

You can see the Crayola crayons and box, the detail on the cats and coloring book as well as the blocks.  Also, as much detail as I could put in on the chair.  In the blank between the chair and desk, there is a stack of books that I'm working on stitching now.  The linen is by Weeks Dye Works, 30 count - and is a lovely light lilac color.  Purple is my daughter in law's favorite color.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Your doing a great job on the stocking. I just love it.


  2. Beautiful! I finished my 7th stocking for the youngest grandson for Christmas. He loves it. I vowed I would never do another one but now I am thinking maybe one more..... Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Sweet progress on the stocking!

    The only bad thing about DA is the time we have to wait between each season!


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