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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabulous News!

Our new family addition has arrived.  His name is Gabe.  He's very healthy and so is his mom.  Daddy and big sister are just tickled pink too!

He's all bundled up.  Mitch said that he didn't like being cold, but once he was all snuggly, he got very mellow.  I can relate.  Although we can't really tell who he looks like right now, I'm thinking he's got my son's nose.  We'll see.  Now I can finish stitching that birth sampler that I got started for him.  The "Poop Deck" changing pad cover was well received.  I'm sure he'll be christening it soon!  Arrrrghhhh!!!  And Emma liked her skirt.

We celebrated the birthday of one of my stitchy friends yesterday with a trip down to the Needlewoman East in Falls Church, VA.  I discovered something that I just LOVE!  It's needlepoint, but I figured maybe some of you might do needlepoint.  After all, it is just half a cross stitch.

Designed by Labors of Love Needlepoint, it's a clip on bird.  I won't show you the painted canvas, but here's a picture of the bird that was on display . . . .

I got the canvan for this bird that was stitched with Kreinik fibers.  I have a boatload of Kreinik so decided to do the same (that's why Liz let me take the picture).  The birds come with the canvas and a little baggy of feathers and clippy legs that they are finished with.  I also picked up the canvas for a Blue Jay that I will stitch with Silk 'n' Lame because Liz said it was easier to stitch with than Kreinik is.  She's right, Kreinik metallics can get kinda bunched up.

I have several glass clippy leg bird ornaments for the Christmas tree and I just love them; in fact, had to perform leg surgery on one this past season so I could put her up on the tree.  These will go right along with them and hopefully be appreciated long after I am gone.  The Blue Jay is going to be for my husband - he really likes them.

There was a whole collection of clippy leg birds at the shop, and I found the website of the designer Labors of Love Needlepoint, although apparently you can't purchased directly from them, you can see the canvases.  Unfortunately no pictures of finished birds. 

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Gabe is adorable! I'm still chuckling over the Poop Deck! LOL! The birds will look great in your Christmas tree with all the other birds. Don't forget to share a pic next December!


  3. Gabe is so cute! Congratulations on the newest family addition!

    Love the clip-on bird! Can't wait to see the ones you make!

  4. Congratulations, Katherine, on new baby Gabe! What a good-looking little guy! My new grandaughter, Amber, is almost 2 months old and just a delight :)
    Also, welcome to needlepoint. I don't get as much of it done as I would like to, but what's new?

  5. Gabe is just gorgeous, congratulations!
    I love that needlepoint bird, I've never seen anything quite like it before. Looking forward to seeing your progress

  6. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet grandson :)
    That bird is fabulous!!

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little grandson.
    That is fabulous news indeed.


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