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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Visit to Opus Magnusson

I forgot to do the string count - or the number of floss cards used, I guess I should say.

First of all, I changed a lot of the colors.  The original design called for these overdye colors as an option tot he DMC:

Cidermill Brown
Buckeye Scarlet
Straw Bonnet
Presidential Blue
Morning Glory
Tutti Fruitti

I hated that Cidermill Brown in this use.  It was called for in the tigers and you'll recall that I ended up overdying those orange myself cause they just drove me nuts.  Whoever heard of brown tigers!?  A great color match is Pumpkin Patch which I ended up using in different places throughout, but I'd used that Cidermill Brown too; so, I'm calculating that as if I'd used it from the beginning.

I also added some colors - for color!  I added Tiger Lily and Butternut Squash.  Finally, if I were doing this all over again, instead of using Raven, I'd use just regular old DMC 310 (black).  That's because Raven has apparently changed a little bit in its makeup.  Now it's green AND black and that just doesn't really suit this design.  It's also cheaper to use the DMC.

So, final count:

Raven:  30 5-yard skeins
Butternut Squash: 2 5-yard skeins
Pumpkin Patch 6 5-yard skeins
Tiger Lily 10 5-yard skeins
Buckyeye Scarlet 3 5-yard skeins
Strawbonnet 3 5-yard skeins
Presidential Blue - 4 5-yard skeins
Morning Glory 4 5-yard skeins
Tutti Fruitti  4 5-yard skeins.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. That project is just beautiful!! Actually quite amazing!

  2. Opus Magnusson is simply stunning. The colors do have a WOW effect. The changes you made do compliment it just perfect. I just love your version


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