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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4th Blogaversary

It was on February 20th, 2009 that I first published to blogger.  I never in a million years thought I'd still be doing this four years later.  Or that I'd be enjoying it so much.  Or that I'd get to know so many wonderful people.  So, here's to my 4th blogaversary!

To celebrate four years, I've got lots of giveaways.

Many of you know that I collect Prairie Schooler charts.  I'm still schlepping around E-bay for the Christmas Alphabet, October and the Old Saint Nick books, but one day, I'll catch 'em.  I went a little crazy in 2012 - finding PS charts in shops and buying them, because I thought I didn't have them.  Unfortunately, some I did.  So, I have April and one other one that I can't find!!!  Well, when I do, I'll give that away too.  Grrr I know I had it here . . .

Anyway, I was so frustrated that I was doing this that I made myself something I call my Prairie Schooler Pocket Miracle.  I keep it in my wallet so when presented with the quandry, do I have it or don't I?   I pull it out and check.  Not giving away my pocket miracle, just the April chart.

 All Things sampler by Long Dog Samplers.

Non-mint condition package of 3 John James gold needles, size 26. 

 A kit called A Simple Sampler by the Sweetheart Tree.

A chart by Cherished Stitches - A Cherished Box.

 Make a comment to this post only and I will pull a winner at the end of the month.  Don't forget to tell all your friends!  Good Luck!


  1. I need to make me a list of what charts I have and don't have when I go to purchased something. I have bought duplicates before.. lol I guess that says I really like that design!! I would love to be entered in your givaway!! Happy Anniversary with Blogging!

  2. Happy blogaversary Katherine.
    There's always something interesting to see on your blog.
    Love the new header with those two gorgeous samplers.
    I'd love to enter your giveaway please.

  3. I know what you mean. I'm looking for PS Christmas Village. It was on ebay but I missed the day for the final bidding. Very frustrating.

  4. Love to enter your giveaway, thank you for the chance!

    Happy 4th Blogoversary!


  5. Happy blogaversary Katherine. The 20th is also a special day for me. Please include me in your giveaway.

  6. I'll pass on the giveaway with thanks, but wanted to say happy blogaversary!

  7. Congratulations on your Blogaversary!!

  8. Happy Blogaversary, Katherine! Four years is definitely something to celebrate! I am also a PS collector and don't have the April chart so I would love to enter your giveaway... Think that is a great idea to keep a chart of them in your purse. I've done the same thing of buying duplicates!!

    Thanks for the chance and I wish you many more happy blogging posts to come :)

  9. Hi Katherine, Happy Anniversary. I saw you for the first time on The Scarlet Letter Challenge. I surcharged for Susan Singleton and find you.
    I 'm busy to make the sampler too and I love it!!
    I do it in the SAL with Gabi and Marcha.

    I love also the Prairie schooler! So I will ask you to enter me in the give-away .

    Happy stitching,

  10. Congratulations on 4 years! Love your pocket miracle. Great idea.

  11. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I know what you mean about buying the chart more than once. One time, I was sure I didn't have the quilting santa chart, when I got it home, not only had I bought it already, I had even stitched it already!!

  12. I too have succumbed to Prairie Schooler patterns. I can't get enough. Soooo, I just have to enter your anniversary give away. I started in 2009 as well and though I don't post a lot I do keep up with the many blogs I have found over the years. I look forward to many more posts as I follow you along the way.

  13. Gosh, look what I almost miss when I take a break from reading blogs. I'd love to be entered into your giveaway. I love PS charts and don't think that I could ever give up one that I own even if I've stitched it. They seem timeless.

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary!!

  14. Happy four years Katherine! This is a really nice giveaway. I'm going to have to get all my charts and kits into a spreadsheet too. I bought a Shepherds Bush kit recently from a stash swap site and then found out I had already bought it at a needlework shop just this past fall! That's pretty pitiful. I like Prairie Schooler patterns too and am trying to get the first Christmas Trees booklet.

  15. Wow, thanks for letting us celebrate with you...and in such a generous way on your part. Would love to be entered into your draw (and would love to win it even more!) Many thanks!

  16. I would love to be entered into this drawing. And happy blogaversary!!


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