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Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Accounting

A week or so ago I was reading a post by Jackie where she had taken stock in her workroom and said that she had 19 projects in various stages of dishabille.  I commented that that was A LOT.  Jackie very cleverly turned the tables on me and asked, how many do YOU have? 

Well, I've put it off as long as I could; no, just kidding, I've really just finally gotten around to it.  I took a pad of paper up into the workroom today and, um, Siobhan, I've got news for you honey, I've got a lot more un-done than done.  I think the reason I keep getting stuff done is because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to move around my workroom and keep the paying customers happy.

I have a bunch of finished needlework that is waiting to be framed.  That list consists of:  the Schoolhouse stamped embroidery, The Birth Announcement, the Crewel Farm, the Chase Sampler, E Pluribus Unum,  the American Sampler, my AOTH collosus, a Token of Love, PS March, PS July, PS September, PS Rain Rain, PS Red Sky, PS Sunshiney Shower, PS Adam Names the Creatures, PS Home Sweet Home, PS Spring, Autumn, and Winter, the BBD Mystery Sampler, and a Santa/girl piece that I did ages ago; on top of all that, I discovered a Dutch-style sampler that I must've done a really, really long time ago, because it was done on Aida cloth.  So far, that's 22.

Then there is needlework that is waiting to be finished into something:  the Opus Magnusson that will be a wall hanging, the Christmas Rules that I'm making into a table runner, the PS March Lion/Lamb that will be a table topper, the needlepoint ballerinas destined to be pillows (2), a needlepoint baby that is going to be a baby pillow, and another embroidery called "To a Friend's House" that will also be a pillow.  Furthermore, there is a sweatshirt makeover project and two stockings that need to be finished that are awaiting my attention.  The subcategory total is 10, but the running total is now 32!

Ornaments - I have ornaments:  2 PS Reindeer, a PS egg, an initial, 12 PS Santas, a cardinal, 2 flags, Mt. Vernon and Woodlawn, 4 PS Seasons, 7 beaded santas, and 3 PS winter scenes.  ALSO, I have a necessaire, a sewing trinkets box, 3 hooked wool coasters, and a needlepoint with the maiden and the unicorn that is supposed to go on a stool (stool yet to be purchased or built, I might add).  The subcategory total on this one is 41.  Bring my running total to 73 - Gosh, this is getting really intimidating!

Quilts:  I have my granddaughter's birthday quilt, otherwise known as Patty O'Quilt that has come back from the quilter and needs to have a label made and have its binding put on; another Patty O'Quilt that will end up being for sale has the blocks made; Julia's Ribbons (aka Civil War reproduction) is waiting to be quilted, get a label and get bound; the Dick and Jane quilt the same; the Red Pinwheels table topper has been quilted, needs and label and binding; Tulips in the Park is a 6-part applique wall hanging - two of the blocks are done - I don't know whether to count this one as ONE project or SIX!!!; I have the pattern and the makings for at least one Quilt of Valor; my LeMoyne Star quilt is in progress, no blocks fully finished yet; the Antique Log Cabins quilt needs more log-cabin blocks made so it can be a dignified size, I am in the process of hunting the fabrics for the additional blocks (royal blue shirting prints not so easy to find!); I have a red, white and blue 9-patch quilt that needs the prairie points removed then it goes to the quilter, gets quilted, comes home, gets the prairie points back on then labeled and bound; I have another one of the 9-patch's except I quilted it, it looks awful, needs to be unquilted, then re-quilted, labeled and bound; and I have enough fabric to make at least another 10 quilts, but they haven't been planned yet, so I'm not counting them, you can't make me.  Category total is 11; running total is now 84.

Other projects (my own) I have the fabrics and patterns for at least half a dozen little girl dresses that I need to make for my granddaughter while she is still a "little girl"; she's also asked me to make her a horsey towel coverup and I admit, I have everything to do that; 3 pincushion dolls with fancy stitched skirts; a Christmas tree skirt with a vintage vibe - I need the backing fabric for that, then it becomes another quilting project; lastly, I have two rug canvases, but not the yarn to complete them.  That's 13 more things for a running total of 97.

Stitching projects:  I'm currently stitching Susan Singleton as part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year and also working on Coverlet Houses; in the wings are Old Glory, One Nation, Strawberry Plant by Filigram, Mr. President by Summer House Stitche Workes, Christmas Garden by BBD, the Scottish Love Sampler, Susan Rambo 1839, The Huntsman and Hannah Carter (most of these thanks to my recent visit to In Stitches), these will keep me busy stitching for YEARS.  Oh, I forgot one - it's Friendship Gathering by Blackbird Designs, in the Fine Collection book.  That's 12 more things.  Running total now is a whopping 109.

And then there is the work for the clients.  And, of course, that comes (mostly) first.  That consists of 2 wall hangings, 2 quilts, 1 table topper, repairing a crochet coverlet, 3 sweatshirt makeovers, and lashing together a tablecloth from leftovers and found items.  That's ten more things for an overwhelming total of 119 projects in some state of being done. 

Oh, and there is one more thing - the family research project I'm working on.  That's still on-going.  That makes 120 projects.  Oh.  My.  GOD.

Here is something that is NOT happening at my house:

Meteorological spring began on the 1st of March.  REAL spring started on the 21st of March.  It has not happened at either time at my house.  I am going to wring that frickin' groundhog's neck!!!  They announced on the weather this morning that most of the country will be seeing above average temperatures this spring.  Unfortunately, they seem to have left the Mid-Atlantic region off the map.  It feels like February around here.  I couldn't get warm all day yesterday.  We've been a little warmer this weekend, but the weatherman also told us that starting Monday afternoon, we're going back downhill again, in a hurry.  I did, however, notice on Friday when the dog and I went for a long walk around the yard that the buds on the cherry trees are starting to plump up.  And, this morning, I see the daffodils are at least in bud.  But they won't bloom now, until April.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't count anything other than quilting or sewing projects. No stitching or knitting. No kits (which is what I'd call your fabric and patterns) unless they were actually started. You jumped full on into the pond I just dipped my toe in! It was the quilting/sewing projects that were beginning to feel like a burden. Whatever the number is, once things start to feel not so fun, for me it's time to cull the projects!

  2. WOW! You are brave to count your projects--I am in deniel and don't have the courage to count mine

  3. You are a brave woman Katherine. I wouldn't dream of attempting to count my part completed projects. there are some things it is best not to know...

  4. Lot's of wonderful projects. I am looking forward to seeing some wonderful finishes.

  5. I did a little of that lately, and am RAK-ing what I am no longer liking! Let people who WILL stitch it, have it--my new motto! Of course, with several stitchers quilting now, too... THAT new temptation is now arriving! Hugs!

  6. Wow, Katherine, that's an extensive list! How about finishing 5 items per month and it will all be cleared up in only 2 years! It's not so bad!

  7. Thank you for braving the workroom and making an honest count.
    I feel SO much better after reading your post :)

    After taking a class from a professional organizer, I keep an inventory of all my stitching stash (no quilting or sewing projects are included). There are 276 items.

    The organizer counsels quilters to destash to only 100 projects. All the ladies in my guild that day just looked at each other!!

  8. You are one brave woman to do your accounting. The thought makes me shudder!

  9. One thing I've learned - never count your projects. I started to one day - actually made a spreadsheet to chart the progress and keep me on track. Once I got to a certain number I had to stop - I was just overwhelmed!!


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