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Monday, August 24, 2009

Emma's Shark

I found the photo of Emma in her shark. I'd made up a bunch of those hooded baby towels when she was born. You know the ones - they have a corner with two sides that make a hood. I did them with strips of bright polka dot grosgrain ribbon on the edge of the hoods; all different colors of ribbon. Her parents tell me she's always loved them. Now, though, at two-plus, she's gotten really too big for them. So, my son called and said, you remember those towels you used to make . . . ? I found the old pictures and sent them out, along with some sketches I'd done of some that I'd never made. Told them to have Emma choose. To my surprise she picked a Shark! Well, the sharks I made before were gray, but that just wouldn't do for my grandaughter. So, I decided blue would make a great shark. It's been many years since I made these and apparently there is a memory curve. This one is not my best effort. But, there are two more on the drawing board - one for Halloweeen and one for Christmas - that will be much better. For now, Emma seems to LOVE her shark.

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