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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The HOLE Crisis

I know it's a bad picture, but it really does show my problem off very well. A few weeks ago I put my Prairie Schooler project in my bag and when I got to destination and pulled it out, there was a HUGE GAPING HOLE in the middle of my already-been-stitched-on-a-lot Linen!!! Yikes! I was despondent. What was I going to do? After a few weeks to recover from the terrible shock, I decided that the only thing to do was take a cotton thread in a color close to the linen (sky blue) and darn the hole. Hopefully I would do it in such a way that I would be able to see some sort of grid so that when darned, I could actually stitch over the darned area (because, thank goodness, the hole WAS in a place in the linen that was to be stitched over - otherwise, I'd have had to scrap the linen and start all over again). So, this picture shows the hole, darned - or is it the darned hole? You know what I mean.

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