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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I spent the day watching HGTV programs (NOT Antonio, thank you very much - what were they thinking?) and stitching on my PS ABC Bee letter D yesterday. I'm posting that progress to the ABC blog today. But first, I'm going to put up a few things I did for Christmas presents that I had to keep secret. First, the frog towel for my granddaughter, Emma. She likes to pretend to be a frog. Notice in the closeup, that I made the fly detachable so she can try catching it with the tongue. However, I'm told that she doesn't much care for the tongue hanging down in her face right now. We're working on getting a photo of her in it where you can see both her face, and the frog's face.

Then there was the "Pony Tail Hat" that I crocheted for her. I thought this would be a huge hit with her, that she'd really like to have something that would give her a long ponytail. Seems I was wrong. She hasn't formed an attachment to the hat yet. So, all I've got are the two photos I took before it was sent off to Seattle. First shows the overall hat (it goes over the head like earmuffs and the ponytail hangs down in the back). Second shows a detail of the ends of each of the tails that curlique up. I found the pattern for the hat at a website with free patterns. This is the link to the Pony Tail Hat Pattern. Also, to get the look that I have here on Emma's hat I combined a standard Acrylic yarn in pink with an eyelash yarn that was mostly pink, but mixed with other colors. That's how I achieved the overall pink color with the added touches of others. I needed less than a full size skein of the regular yarn and two skeins of the eyelash yarn.

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