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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Prairie Schooler ABC Overdyed Floss Table

These are the substitutions I have made for the Prairie Schooler ABCs that we are stitching together HERE. Here's the way I'm working this - I prefer Gentle Art floss. However, I am going to use flosses I have on hand before I purchase new. So, what shows up first in the list below (Gentle Art, my preference) may actually be a Weeks floss that I use IRL. I have brightened or changed many of these colors. What this will show you is the DMC color number called for on the chart, the DMC color number I am changing it to (if any), and the overdyed floss or flosses I feel are a good substitution. Let me know if there is any confusion or questions. Photo above is my work in progress using overdyed cottons.

White - GA Chalk, CC Snowball, WDW Icicle, Snowflake
Ecru - GA Oatmeal, CC Antique Lace
3859 - 321 - WDW Liberty
223 - 498 - CC Manor Red, WDW Turkish Red
3722 - 304 - GA Buckeye Scarlet, CC Cupid, WDW Louisiana Hot Sauce
3857 - 815 - GA Schoolhouse Red, WDW Garnet
902 - GA Cranberry, CC Bandana
221 - 814 - GA Claret, CC Apple Fritter
3778 - CC Old Brick
758 - 945 - CC Wild Oats, WDW Cherub
407 - GA Woodrose, WDW Cinnabar
3772 - 3776 - GA Fragrant Cloves, CC Cappuccino, WDW Crysanthemum
918 - GA Terra Cotta, CC Used Brick, WDW Terra Cotta
926 - 3761 - GA Morning Glory, WDW Morris Blue
3768 - 519 - GA Liberty, CC Shamrock, WDW Sky
3750 - 3842 - GA Presidential Blue, GA Midnight, CC Wavy Navy, WDW Twilight, WDW Navy, WDW Peacoat, WDW Americana
924 - 3760 - GA Blue Jay, CC Caribbean Waters, WDW Bluecoat Blue
3835 - GA Blueberry, CC Lavender Louise, WDW Cyclamen
315 - 3837 - GA Purple Iris, WDW Ultraviolet
3726 - 553 - GA Hyacinth, CC Vintage Violet, WDW Peoria Purple
3740 - 552 - WDW Purple Majesty
3834 - GA Black Raspberry Jam, WDW Taffeta
3802 - 550 - GA Cinders, GA Royal Purple, CC Rainy Day, WDW Merlin
3371 - GA Dark Chocolate, CC Black Coffee, WDW Swamp Water, WDW Mascara, WDW Onyx
500 - 3345 - GA Cucumber, CC Spinach, CC Steamed Broccoli, WDW Seaweed
501 - 3346 - GA Baby Spinach, WDW Hunter
501 - 3347 - GA Chives, WDW Scuppernong
503 - 3348 - GA Grasshopper, WDW Meadow
3011 - 580 - CC Meadow Green, WDW Moss
3012 - 581 - GA Avacado, CC Eves Leaves, WDW Pistaschio
3052 - 905 - GA Spring Grass, WDW Lucky
3362 - 986 - CC Poblano Peppers, WDW Envy
523 - GA Celery, CC Green Onion, WDW Tin Roof
676 - 307 - GA Ohio Lemon Pie, WDW Saffron
729 - 728 - GA Sunflower, WDW Marigold
3820 - GA Butternut Squash, CC Golden Star, WDW Squash
3828 - GA Grecian Gold, CC Ye Old Gold, WDW Whiskey
422 - GA Caramel Corn, WDW Straw
420 - GA Maple Syrup
869 - GA Apple Cider, WDW Cocoa
435 - GA Toffee, WDW Bright Leaf
434 - GA Nutmeg, WDW Cognac
801 - GA Sarsaparilla, CC Bramble Bush (dark version), WDW Chestnut
838 - GA Picnic Basket, CC Chocolate Cream Pie, WDW Molasses
738 - CC Finley Gold, WDW Honeysuckle

There are some miscellaneous colors that I may use as substitutions for colors called for in the charts. This will be experimental as I'm working. They are 598 - GA Tropical Ocean; 992 - WDW Lagoon; 597 - GA Peacock, WDW Blue Topaz; and finally WDW Mermaid.


  1. Hi, Katherine,
    Stupid question here: why do you like overdyed floss? I've only used DMC. I'm not trying to be facetious, but just want to be educated in the differences. Then I may want to switch! Where do you buy Gentle Art? And could you also tell me a little about why you like certain linens/fabrics over others? I'm trying to decide which flosses/linen to use and which stitch count for this PS ABC. LOVE it! Thanks so much for your input in the stitching bee, too. I'm learning a lot!

  2. Oops! Forgot to add, do you use a frame? If so, which brand and where did you purchase it, if you don't mind saying? Hm, I think that's it for now! Thanks!

  3. Are all the letters the same size? How much space in between the outlining boxes? What format? What size fabric? Thanks, Barb


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