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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoe Personality

My mother used to love shoes.  I remember when I was small, she had a pair in the closet.  They were Spectator Pumps.  Not usual ones either.  Hers were a medium brown and cream.  They were SO pretty.  It took her years to get rid of them.  I think that they were part of her working wardrobe back during the war and she kept them because they reminded her of when.  I haven't been a shoe hound.  But, every now and then I notice a pair of really nice shoes.  Like I did when I watched the premier of Covert Affairs.  I noticed those red soled shoes she was wearing.  So, I did a Google to find out about those shoes.  And what I found was interesting.  More than just the little black pump.

Well, if I wasn't the size I am, and if I was 30 years younger, and if my feet didn't already hurt so much, and I hadn't ruined one ankle back in 2001 - well, then you'd see me wearing this shoe -

LOVE the red, white, and black color combo (what a surprise!), love that HIGH heel, and the leather.  And then that houndstooth check brings it all back down to earth again.  It is designed by Christian Louboutin and can be seen at this website; where it does a little pirouette for you to see its every advantage.  It's only $1,200.00.  WAY out of my price range, but a girl can dream; right?

So, do you have a shoe personality?


  1. I love the look of these! I love all of what my daughter calls "oh my God" shoes with impossibly high heels. I'm under 5 feet and unfortunately when I wear something like that I just come off looking like a little girl playing dress up. So, I am a glitzy heel girl hiding in a practical ballet flat person. I do like ballet flats too, and have a red soled houndstooth pair by Chinese laundry that are a lot like the spirit of the shoe you have posted... complete with red bow!

  2. I love those shoes! Everybody here seems to wear high heels. I tried for awhile but when I got my heel caught in my pant leg and nearly fell through a store window while being tangled in my own pants--well, I took it as a sign. Now I wear sensible black loafers. We won't discuss the fact that my kids refer to them as "Ellen" shoes--as in Ellen DeGeneres.


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