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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Progress on Tri-Witches

I've been working on Polly, the Pirate Witch.  This is one of three witch designs by Brooke's Books that I got a week or so ago.  I have to say, I don't like the name "Polly" for her.  That should be her sidekick, the parrot.  Wasn't there a book about an Irish Pirate Queen about 20-odd years ago?  And I don't mean Skye O'Malley - that strumpet! 
Until I got the Kreinik #8 Braid from Nordic Needle in yesterday's mail, she was looking pretty weird.  But, now that she's got her arms on and her skirt defined, I'm feeling better.

In the background you can see her hat and parrot that are done separately and then tacked on later to give her the 3-D look.   I think she (whatever her name is going to be) is going to look absolutely charming.

The braid I have stitched in there is #326, called "Hibiscus" and is a blend of red and purple.  It is most prominent on her sleeves, but shows up in her skirt, hat and parrot too.  Another note is that if you get these charts to stitch on fabric, the instructions note that you should use #4 braid, not #8.  The 8 is a bit thicker, although I'm going to try using it on 28 count fabric and see what happens.  I wouldn't use a larger count with it though.  Or, maybe on Tula . . . that would make Polly about 8 inches tall - almost big enough to be a doll?  Hmmmmm. . . . .


  1. She is lovely. I think Bess would be a good pirate name, she'd be Bad Queen Bess as opposed to Good Queen Bess

  2. Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing her put together.

  3. Polly is most definitely a parrot! How about Peg? Or, if you want something more dramatic... Penelope the pirate? Whatever you call her, she is a lovely one!

  4. She looks very cute! And definitely no to Polly. I can't get "Polly wanna cracker" out of my head. I support Bess as a suitable pirate name. Or maybe Anne Bonney after the real one?

  5. ROFLOL--you read Skye O'Malley!! Oh my goodness, so did I. Talk about soft porn! Those Bertice Small books sure are interesting. LOL I can't think of Grainne (Grace) O'Malley w/o thinking of that book, though. You can read about Grainne here: but I think there was also a book out fairly recently that featured a fictional Grace. I'm thinking it is called The Wild Irish. I didn't care for it that much..

    Great progress on your Polly!


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