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Sunday, October 31, 2010

There Be Dragons Here

Been keeping my eyes out for frogs and containers to fit frogs as I go out and about.  Found a really big clear glass frog early on in a foray at the Past & Present antiques shop in Winchester.  As I went through the rest of the cavernous building, I tested each pretty glass, pottery or wooden container I came across to see if the frog would fit in the top of it.

I turned and looked at this shelf that had some very posh glassware on it.  The turquoise container was sitting right there before my eyes.  It has a top - makes it a really nice candy dish - and the finial on the top is a seashell.  Very Miami Beach looking and not really my cup of tea.  But then I got a look at its legs.  Dragons!  So I put it on a nearby table and took the lid off and popped in the glass frog.  It was if it had been made to go with.  

I have put the lid safely away in the china cabinet.  My younger son loves dragons; so at some point in the future he will probably get rid of the frog and reunite lid and dish to use for something else that pleases him.  For now, my scissors are being contained very upscale.  And, like I noticed last winter, turquoise seems to go with everything.

Keeping with the dragon theme - last summer my friend gave me a bunch of her mother's old sewing things that I said I'd share over time.  Here is another one.  She kept wooden bobbins (not the same manufacturer) of waxed cotton thread in this box.

Note that they are manufactured in Fall River, Mass. and Willimantic, Conn.  Kinda cool, huh?

Now I have a quilting question - related to fabric.  Has anyone ever ordered fabric from the Connecting Threads catalog?  I have been receiving this catalog a couple of years now, but have never used it.  I think that the company is actually some offshoot of Joann's (don't ask me why, it's just a hunch).  I didn't request the catalog, nor have I used them on line.  But, they do have some interesting fabrics.  So, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's good quality quilting fabric?  I have ordered online from Hoffman's of Paducah and a few other places like Fat Quarter Shop - and been very pleased, but hesitate to use this one.

Thanks bunches!


  1. Your scissors look very grand in their new home

  2. I can give you information on your new, snazzy scissor holder....
    The large clear frog itself is most likely made by Anchor Hocking (Fire-King) and fits a number of their comports. The blue comport itself is likely to be a Fenton reproduction of a Vallery-Portieux milkglass comport. I have a VP in white, made about 1890. Fenton's reproduction was in production in the 70-80's - still collectable - especially in the turquoise - nice find!!!
    (Sorry - glass collecting is my other obsession!)

  3. Love the scissor holder--I do believe it's my new mission to find a frog and holder for my scissors. It's also a great gift idea for stitching pals.
    Also wanted to thank you for mentioning the Past and Present shop. I was going to Winchester yesterday to look for an old china/curio cabinet and had read your blog in the morning. I made a stop there and they did have a few--no decision made yet, but it's a great place and I can't wait to go back!

  4. I love your dragon frog! That is so cool!! Neat sewing treasure from your friend, too. I want to say that in my past quilting (10+ years ago) life that I did order from Connecting Threads, but I only remember the name. Sorry to be so vague!

  5. Katherine, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.. :-) I appreciate you taking the time and your kind words. Yeah, Goldens are the best, but honestly, pretty much any dog, or animal for that matter, finds a way into my heart. I love them !!

    I really like your turquoise container and I specially like how you can have your scissors all in one place. My friend Katrina started me on the scissor collection madness and now I have them all over the place and no idea how to keep them all together, so I would love to be able to do something like you did.

    No idea about the fabric. I buy my fabric from local shops mostly so I can see it and feel it. Sorry I can't help you there..


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