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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Progress on Mr. and Mrs. Eden

When last you saw them, they were almost alone in Eden - with only a snake and a few birds to keep them company . . . .

Progress at End of November
Ibex and Hare

Ibex, Raccoon and Chicken

Sheep, Lion and Hippo
I have decided that not only am I changing the colors, I'm changing the color of what each animal is.  What I mean is originally on the chart the elephant and hippo are both the same gray. But really, don't you expect a water horse to be a blue gray and an elephant to be a different color of gray?  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Looking good! I think I'd expect an elephant to be paler grey than a hippo too

  2. How beautiful! I agree with you, elephants and hippos are very different shades of grey.

  3. This is stunning! I absolutely love it - especially the sheep!

  4. Looking great !!! I like it very much..

  5. ::insert a picture of me here, with my mouth gaping open in awe:: That is SOOOOOO pretty! Great job--and quick, too! You're making wonderful progress.


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