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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Grass is Riz

That old song goes something like The Grass is Riz - I wonder where all the flowers is?  Well, this month I worked on doing all the monotonous long and short stitches to finish the grass.  I did it number one because I just wanted to get it out of the way.  It paid off in an interesting way though.  This month was really stressful for me.  But each night I would sit and work on that monotonous grass and just feel the stress falling off of me.  Anyone know what stitch it is that makes the pounds fall off?

I also did one of the little bunnies, two of the raspberries, the little blueberry bush on the right and got a start on the small tree to the right.  I played around with the idea of changing the colors on the peacock/chicken to the left of the stag.  You might think I'm closing in on being done.  Alas - not so!  When I finish the bottom portion I have to go back up and stitch the urns with their flowers and then finish some of the frustrating cross stitch I just could not bring myself to do back in the winter.

Anyway, I think I got a lot done this week and have moved on to the new project in my rotation - Opus Magnusson.  I will be stitching that one for the rest of my life!

Thanks for your comments on my blogging question; I'll update you if I hear anything more.  Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. You are making fabulous progress, Catherine! I love this piece and hope to get it stitched one day!

    I read your previous post and I have to agree with you and others...copyright simply means as a designer you are the only person with the right to distriubute or give permission to distributebcopies of your work. Copyright does not prevent people from making changes to your design for their personal use. Now, if they make changes to your design, make copies and give those away, then maybe you have a case.

    Individuals make changes to fabric and threads all of the time...and sometimes we leave out a motif or two or even add some. This, in my opinion, is not disrespectful to the designer.

    We do it all the time to clothes and other household items. Is it illegal to add a great necklace or brooch to a blouse? Shoud I be afraid of the designer suing me for copyright infringement? I like to think that linen, thread or motif changes are like jewelry for the designs we stitch. They only enhance an already great design!

    Thanks for posing such a great question!

    For some reason Google will not let me post as I will sign my comment...
    A Shenandoah Sampler

  2. Great progress. Looks fantastic too.

  3. It looks great--fantastic progress!


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