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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid-June Accomplishments

The cycling method I'm using for most of my projects is - complete the next phase, or work on the project for a week - whichever comes first.  So, beginning of June I picked up and completed the AotH block for this month.  Then picked up and completed the two Lizzie Kate Christmas Rules for this month.  That only took about two days for anyone who is looking for a "quick" project to do for a Christmas gift or house decoration.  Then, this past Sunday I picked up The Chase.  I've been working on that like nobody's business and will have progress to show at the end of this week. 

My report today covers the progress so far on Christmas Rules.

Left is overall what I've done and the room I've got left to work with.  Right is a closer view of the work I've done so far.

I have two more Xmas Rules charts to go plus the bonus chart that I'm going to add to the bottom - Jingle all the Way.

I have been doing a lot of work for my clients too.  I put together two needlepoint pillows and am working on repairing a crochet tablecloth.  Also I am make a quilted wallhanging.  The wallhanging is from the Keepsake Quilting catalog - an oriental-style called Milady's Mural.  It is fussy work and I have to run out today to get more supplies to go on.    Here's a link to the image of the quilt.  The fan blocks are 6 and a half inches square.

In the meantime, I've been slogging away at a quilt of my own.  It too will be a wallhanging.  It is called Juliet's Ribbons and is a Civil War reproduction designed by Carol Hopkins.

Juliet Opie Hopkins, a nurse, sold her property in 3-states in order to help the soldiers during the war.  The remainder of her wealth was lost during the war years and she lived in poverty afterward.  She was buried at Arlington.  I liked this quilt immediately when I saw it at the shop and bought the kit - not something I usually do.  I regretted it when I started the cutting.  Turned out the shop did not have all the called for fabrics and made very bad choices for their replacements.  So, during the winter months when we had quite a lot of snow on the ground, I was running around purchasing the replacements because I did not want to repeat any of the fabrics I already had (as the original had been done).  I began, following the directions and it turns out the way they're written, you make one-block-at-a-time.  And I started thinking, oh, my God, this is going to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  This past weekend I figured a way to speed it up and knocked out three blocks in an hour.

I need 35 of the blocks before I can start putting them together - so far I have 11 - so I'm about a third of the way done.  I'll be lucky if I get this thing finished by Christmas, but I'll be really happy with it in the end.  I was at a yardsale a couple of weekends ago and picked up about 25 Fons & Porter mags for $5.  They were mostly recent issues too!  I've picked out two quick patterns there.  Then I have another called Lincoln's Watch.  It too is a Civil War reproduction.  That will be made into a king-size bed quilt, but it's easy, easy, easy to do!  Maybe next year.  All for now - hope you enjoyed!


  1. I love your LK. I quite fancy getting the Merry Christmas banner one. x

  2. Love the LK! Have it in my stash kitted and ready when I can work it in. The quilt is going to be very pretty!

  3. Christmas Rules is going to be a great piece. Definitely a BAP in my estimation! And I am in love with that quilt. I'm glad that you figured out a way not to have to make one block at a time - that would be brutal. And great score on the F&P magazines. They always have some great patterns in them.

  4. Gorgeous stitching.
    I love that wall hanging quilt. These peacocks look fantastic. Looks like a lot of work though.
    So does your other quilt. Love your color choices too.

  5. Lovely accomplishments - You have been busy ;)

  6. Loving your LK, and the quilt is going to be fabulous

  7. Nice work on your L*K! They are such happy pieces. LOVE your quilt, too. I finally got my hexagons out and am piecing together the flowers again. It feels good to mess with fabric once more!

  8. I am very interested in your Juliet Opie Hopkins quilt designed by Carol Hopkins. Is that quilt the copy of an actual one owned by J.O. Hopkins? I am very interested in her and would love to know more about this quilt. Thank you.

    1. Would strongly suggest you contact the quilt pattern designer to determine origins of the quilt and she was the designer and I was just a lowly pattern buyer. All the best -Katherine


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