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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Urned It

No, no, don't get the idea I'm patting myself on the back.  I've just had that post title running through my head these last ten days while I worked on The Chase sampler.  Here's why:

I finished both urns and flowers.  I am almost finished with the Jacobean Crewel portion of this sampler; just have those two little birds to do.

Here's a picture I took, indoors, that shows the crewel portion of the sampler and you can see the placement of the birds better.

Finally, I took a picture outside so you can really see the colors.  We have 98% humidity out there so I only stayed out for the one shot.

I have decided that on the two lines I will put my own information; my name, birth date and either birth place (as there is no sampler in my family commemorating my birth) or the name of the town I grew up in.  Right now I'm leaning toward the town I grew up in.  The original sampler has the stitchers info as well as a brief Bible snippet.  I don't know if I'll finish the sampler next month or not, but I'll come darned close!

I want to take an opportunity to say how impressed I am with the people who were attending the concert at the Indiana State Fair where the stage collapsed.  Incredibly brave people who ran into the fray to help those who couldn't help themselves.  And then I want to say how disappointed I am that law suits are already being filed.  Want to know what's wrong with society today?  That's one of the things.  Any opportunity to make a buck.  Anyone remember the phrase "act of God"?  Last weekend my husband made negative comments about the state leaders bringing in people to figure out what happened there - so soon without giving people an opportunity to grieve.  Me, the eternal pessimist, replied that I thought he was naive that lawsuits wouldn't begin pouring in the first week.  Well, guess I win that one - and I just think that's sad!

Back on the stitchy front, I was reading Mary Corbet's blog a week or so ago and she reviewed this book:

She talked about what a great read it was.  Mary so impressed me that I immediately went to Amazon and ordered myself a copy.  It has arrived and although I haven't had an opportunity to read it cover to cover like Mary, I have thumbed through it.  It is now sitting in my "to read" pile by the bed because it certainly deserves a closer look.  I think it will not only inspire design, but explains some older techniques that we may find interesting to use again.  Oh, and the author has two other books that I'm putting on my wish list!

Meanwhile, I needed to beef up my total so I could get that free Super Saver Shipping!  A book I'd had my eye on for quite a while is this one:

When it arrived, I started reading it that night and have read it every night since before going to bed.  My favorite historical era is the American Colonial Period and this is the best book I've ever read that gives you an idea of what it was like to live on a colonial plantation in Virginia.  Martha Washington was some kinda gal!  She has completely come alive for me.

That's all from me for now - hope you enjoyed!


  1. Your urn is looking fabulous. So is the rest of this sampler. The picture taken from it outside is showing the incredible beauty of it. Love it.

  2. What a stunning piece The Chase is!
    You have Urned the right to be proud of it!!

    I wasn't aware another stage had collapsed at some other festival, i though you were talking about the one that happened in Belgium! People will sue for just about anything these day - terrible. Everyone was calling for the rioters in the UK to be dealt with severely, now the do-gooders are coming out of the woodwork complaining that some of the sentences are too harsh!!

    Many thanks for the ideas for the stitchy group, we have a wonderful craft fair that happens in March so i could arrange something for that and go as a group :-) Thank you!

  3. That is one of the most beautiful things I've seen! All the work involved in it! It's just breathtaking! I'm really in awe!

  4. The stage collapse was so sad--what a terrible thing to happen.

    Your Chase sampler is STUNNING. I clicked on it to make it bigger and then clicked again so I could gawk at every detail. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

  5. im glad youre so close to finishing the chase sampler. mine is framed and i have it in a spot where i can see it most of the day. my daughter is crazy to get it, but this is one im keeping for myself. it is not an easy project and im not sure if i would have stayed with it if i hadnt been recovering from foot surgery and was forced to sit for 4 months. sandra g


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