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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Off Topic - Have You Seen Zen?

I've watched the three Zen Detective stories on Masterpiece Mystery these last few weeks.  I DVR them and it takes me a bit to catch up.  But, last night I saw "Ratking".  All three stories have been wonderful - intense, mysterious, and Rufus Sewell, well, he's just gorgeous.  His eyes have fire in them - or maybe it's call smolder.  Whatever it is, he's a dish! But, Zen is an Italian detective.  He's from Venice, working in Rome.  And the thing that really bothered me about the shows; distracted me many times, in fact, was that all the actors save one spoke with English accents.  Now, I've never been to Italy, but I suspect that Italians speak with Italian accents like Caterina Murino (Zen's love interest) and not English accents.

This series originally aired at the beginning of the year on BBC1 and I found some blog entries from reviewers where the comments were about 50/50 that the accents were confusing/distracting. Anyone else been watching?  Have an opinion?  At any rate, I enjoyed the series so much I'm going to check out the remainder of the books.  Maybe audio?

I have so little  time for reading.  Although, I did have a medical issue recently which left me on my back a few days.  Can't stitch that way, so I read.  First, I fiinished The Eagle by Rosemary Sutcliffe (begun many months ago).  They had a movie out last year based on the story and now that I've finished the book I'd like to see it.  The story, based in Roman Britain, was like a Jr. Reader.  It was interesting, had lots of history.  I recommended it to my son, but he didn't bite.

I pulled an old favorite off the bookshelf too - The Gamble by Lyvyrle Spencer.  Oh, that woman could write!  Toward the end of the story, they are in the main character's home "Waverly" a Southern plantation located in or near Columbus, Mississippi.  Turns out, there really is a Waverly Plantation Mansion just as it is described in the book.  And it's gorgeous!  And haunted!  ooooooowwwwwweeeeeeeoooooooooooo

Finally, a while back I mentioned an old favorite book by Elswyth Thane.  Well, here's another one.  I first read it when I was in the 7th grade.  It's called Mrs. Mike by Benedict & Nancy Freeman.  It's the story of a Boston girl (whose name is Katherine which is probably why I picked the book in the first place) who goes to visit her uncle in Saskatchewan and falls for a RCMP officer named Mike.  I vividly remember little Miss Boston's experience with a filthy rotating hand towel.  It was really funny!  Mike's beat is in the wilderness of the Northwest Territories of Canada - in and around the Great Slave Lake area.  Back then when I read about a place I didn't know, I'd pull out the National Geographic Atlas and look up the places they talked about on a map.  Make a whole research project out of it.  This book is probably how I learned about the Canadian provinces - there are a dozen of them.  And yes, because I am no longer smarter than a 5th grader, I had to look them up to refresh my memory!

Me and my stitchy friends were talking yesterday, trying to figure out why kids today have so little ambition.  I tend to think it's the Great Depression (and I don't mean financial).  When they see the world going to hell in a handbasket, do you think they are thinking, what's the point?  Any thoughts?


  1. Yes, I have watched and taped all 3 Zen's. Can't decide if I like them or not and want to watch them again (undisturbed). Rufus Sewell is easy on the eye :)

    My favorite LaVryle Spencer book is Morning Glory-have read it 2 or 3 times. Bittersweet comes in 2nd.

    If you like historical Christian fiction read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers-the best! All 3 of my daughters (and I) loved them.

  2. Zens... okay, I'm going to check into that! My daughter and I are at a loss as to what to watch on TV so will have to check it out on the laptop. I missed it on the BBC--I need to get more diligent about checking it out.

    I loved Lavyrle Spencer! And Barbara Michaels... I wonder if she's still writing (or alive). I was the same as a kid--I always was checking locations out on the atlas. I devoured National Geographic magazine. Now I do the same thing, but online. Thank goodness for google maps! I feel like a virtual geographic stalker.


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