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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Milestone on the American Sampler

Progress of Late

When I last showed you the American Sampler, I was working on the flowers that go up the side margins of the sampler - in the Queen stitch.  I finished those up early in the week - after we got the power back on.  Then I moved on.  I worked some more on the outer border that's done in Rice stitch.  To do the stitch, you make a big cross stitch, over four threads and then do little legs over two threads on each of the big legs.  In this sampler the Rice stitch is done sometimes all in the same color, other times, in different colors.  You'll see right off that I've got a glaring mistake in the center.  It was supposed to be two Compensating Rice stitches over six threads, but when I got there it ended up that somehow I'd added a stitch (or two more threads).  And I wasn't going to undo all that work.  If I'd known about it in advance, I'd have made the checkerboard pattern run uninterrupted, but as it is, I have Compensating Rice stitches over eight threads instead.  Sigh. 

Then I went to work on the Colonial Gentleman who has come calling.  I'd not done him before when I was working on the central area.  Guess I wanted to savor all that over one stitching at a later time!  HA!  Spent the last three days putting him in.  In the original design, he has a hat in the crook of his arm.  I left him hatless, however.  I decided I didn't want MY Colonial Gentleman to come courting "hat in hand" - so to speak.  How undignified.

Here is the view now of the central design:

They make a lovely couple, don't they?  Also, I realized I'd made another mistake - on the fencing.  Before, it was only posts - no actual fencing.  I looked back at the chart and sure enough, the areas between the posts were to have been worked over one and two over-one crosses in each "between" section was supposed to be white - to make rails.  Sigh!  So, I used one thread and top-stitched the rails in.  At least now the sheep will be contained.  Ahead I will begin doing the fill work on the side panels - don't want to get stuck doing ALL of that at one time - and the last section at the bottom.  Seems I must finally decide what words I'll be putting on this sampler.

I went to a favorite antique shop last week - or the week before.  Found some nice stuff.  One thing, was rolled up into a teapot and the teapot was sitting in a corner of a shelving unit - the thing was just sticking out the top of the teapot.  BUT, I recognized it as linen.  So I went over and picked it out to find -

Viola!  A Pre-Printed Schoolhouse.  It's probably from around the 70's and had been started.  Someone had begun the alphabet with 6 strands of black floss.  It was a rat's nest of tangles on the back; I had a heck of a time pulling it all out - took me a whole evening!  I have been collecting variagated threads from various old sewing baskets I've picked up over the years, looking for just the right project to use them on.  I've decided that this is going to be THAT project.  I will put this into the rotation soon.  I seem to be finding a lot of pre-printed things lately; they're hot!  Maybe it's because it's summertime?  Are they making a comeback?  Anyone know?

Speaking of hot, Washington DC set an all time (for the date) record high temperature yesterday of 105!!!!  Out here we were roasting.  Our high was 101.7 - almost 102!!!  I think that was an all time high for the time we've been living here.  I just spotted huge clouds coming over the mountain and checked the radar online - they're headed our way.  They herald the coming cold front that will take us back down into the 80's for the coming week.  Ah, R E L I E F !

That's it for this time; hope you enjoyed!


  1. Your sampler is magnificent Katherine!
    What a beauty. I love the lady and her gentleman.
    You found treasure inside the teapot!
    I look forward to seeing you stitch the 70's sampler.

  2. Your sampler is just beautiful!! And what a good find! I do hope you get some cool weather!!

  3. This sampler is very beautiful! I love it ! Congratulations .
    Greetings from Gran Canaria (Spain )

  4. That sampler is absolutely stunning! Great find with the stamped piece too.
    Maybe if your heatwave is coming to an end our rain will too, it's been so wet here this summer

  5. Oh, that is just stunning, Katherine--I love it more each time I see your progress :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your progress on American Sampler. I love it and the changes you have made. It makes me feel better that others run into the same problems I have :)
    Stay cool!

  7. I have the chase sampler and I have lost the instruction sheet. Do you still have yours and would you be willing to send me a copy? I will pay the postage. I'm desparate to do the sampler, but don't have color chart and stitch chart. Please Help!!! Kay H.

    1. Kay - I do have all the instructions. However, I don't have any way to contact you. Please email me directly and we can make arrangements.


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