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Monday, July 2, 2012

Practicing "Cup is Half Full" (or - LUCKY - very very Lucky)

On Friday I went to the grocery store.  My total was $146.  And then the checkout machine froze up and my order had to be transferred from one checkout machine to another.  In the transfer process the total changed to $106.  I pointed out that the amount was wrong - honestly, I did.  And the assistant manager doing the ring-up told me that this happens all the time when they have to transfer - it gives folks their bonus points again.  So, that was one.

I won one of the items in Nancy's Grand Giveaway - buttons!  Whooooo Whoooooo!!!  I'm excited.  That was two.

And then there was the storm.  We sat and watched from the front porch as it approached.  The most amazing and spectacular lightning I've seen in my entire life!  But of course, there were people and property under that lightning.  We went inside when the storm finally arrived at our house.  Within minutes, we had no power.  That lasted until late yesterday afternoon.  And God, it was HOT!  But, when we went out to survey the damage on Saturday morning, we were amazed to see that there was not  one bit of damage to either the house or the shrubbery.  That was three. 

If the town had electricity, I'd have gone and bought a lottery ticket!

We have decided that we'd much rather be out of power in the winter.  When it comes to heat, we are total wimps!  By noon yesterday, I'd reserved a hotel room for the rest of the week near where my husband works, that was pet friendly so we could take the dog.  We'd been soaking him down with the garden hose umpty ump times during the day to keep him cool.  He's very happy the AC is back too!  But, there are still more than 6,000 folks without power in my county - down from more than 20,000.  We're part of that 1.5 million that you keep hearing about in the news.  I also haven't heard about damage in Indiana where winds were in excess of 91 miles an hour.  Here they were only 75 mph.

In spite of the fact that almost all we did was sit around, run the generator, water the dog, go out to eat, and sleep, I didn't get much stitching done.  It was just too hot to concentrate on anything for long.  I am almost done with the floral "border" including Queen Stitches on the American Sampler.  I'll do the Colonial Gentleman in the center next - over one. 

Here is something - it's an I Spy quilt I made years ago.  I'm sending it out to oldest son so his kids can enjoy it for awhile.  Hopefully it will survive to be passed around in the family.  I had to buy tons of fat quarters to get all the different pieces for this quilt.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I printed out your queen stitch directions!! I hope they can save me! About your weather-oh dear!! Thank goodness your AC is back. We have been with out power in the winter, I agree that it is more bearable. Of course, out here we don't have AC ,you only need it a few days out of the year. Glad to hear you are all ok.

  2. Glad you got your power back. Ours only went out for a few minutes but we have many people in our county who will still be out for days to come. Love the I Spy quilt.

  3. What a wonderful quilt! I'm sure the grandkids will love it! So nice to read about your good luck lately!


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