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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 When last your intrepid reporter left you, it was the end of the weekend and she'd made quite a bit of progress on the Path to the Civil War quilt - the goal was to finish sewing the blocks.

As Siobhan would say, I grabbed ahold of my big-girl-panties and sat at the sewing machine yesterday and knocked off four of 'em.

At right is "Opposites Attract"

This one is called "Homeward Bound".  Once I got the whole "quick" flying geese thing figured out, it was pretty simple to put this one together.

I think that blue fabric makes a super bold statement in this block.  It may be one of the most visually appealing of all the blocks.

This one is called "Heartache".  And yes, it does look the the red blocks are different sizes, but that's because I haven't stitched the outer seams.  Trust me, I stared at this one on the work table long and hard, thinking I'd made another stupid mistake.

Then I hung it up on the design wall.  By the way, Jackie has a MUCH bigger and better design wall (I'm so jealous), and it's given me a terrific idea!  So, anyway, I stuck it up there and just about had a friggin' heart attack.  I was like, OH CRAP!  You can see, it's significantly smaller than the block it's next to.  After about 30 minutes of just staring at the wall, I went back to the book.  Remember, a WAY, long time ago I told you this quilt had two different block sizes?  And the smaller blocks were in the beginning of the book?  And I thought that I'd done them all?  Well, turns out that the layout of the book is ". . . .here are the small blocks that go on one side . . . here are the big blocks that fill up the middle . . . .and here are the small blocks that go on the other side".

So, that block is supposed to be smaller.  Thank goodness I've already got HBP, or I'd have to blame it on the book!

This next block I actually enjoyed making.  It's called "Chain Link".  But I'm not sure, isn't it traditionally called Jacob's Ladder?  I could be wrong.  Anyway, liked this one and could see making a whole quilt out of it.

This next one I call churn dash, but the book calls it "Shoofly".  Sorry for the yucky picture, but I started this morning at 9AM with five blocks to go and picture taking time was at about 5PM.  I was wiped!

Thank goodness I've been stockpiling leftovers in the freezer.  That allowed me to start making supper at about 6PM and it was like I'd made a whole meal and spent hours doing it!

I was not happy to see this block again.  Since I'd done one very similar on Sunday, but turned out this one was much easier to do than its predecessor.  And I kinda liked the green for a change of pace.  It may be the only green block in the whole quilt.

 This one is called "Sawtooth".

I wanted to take a chain saw to the top of my head by the time I'd finished this one this afternoon.

And that's all I have to say about that.

 And finally - THANK GOD, FINALLY!!!!

. . . because I don't ever want to see these fabrics again . . . .

Finally, the last block is "Basket".

Translating this from the proscribed production manner to one that was easier, late in the day, almost did me in, but I was determined to finish today.  I also did not like the template provided to do the handle.  Traditionally the handle is done with bias and so that's the way I did it.

I will wait a few weeks and give myself a breather from this project before I begin to assemble the blocks into the quilt top.  It's all down hill from here!

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Your blocks are absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to see them sewn together!

  2. Wow, that looks fantastic. I'm really impressed. I always admired this quilt, but never had the courage to start it. But I bow for anyone who is able to put these together so nicely.

    1. I think I deserve a medal for perseverance, but don't give me more credit than I really, truly deserve for "putting it together nicely". There are so many mistakes!

  3. What is the "quick" flying geese method? They never seem quick to me or very accurate for that matter. I struggle with them.

    You seem to have gotten a lot of tricky blocks done! They all look perfectly square and right sized.

    1. Smoke, Mirrors, and Camera tricks! There's actually one block that in order to get the points, I had to reduce the quarter inch seam. That didn't work out so well, so I ended up having to add fabric to make the seam allowance. Quick flying geese - I had to figure this out myself and will blog about it soon.

  4. Congratulations on finishing all of those beautiful blocks, Katherine!! What an amazing quilt this will be :)

  5. Your blocks all look wonderful Katharine! Aren't you happy that they're finished! You're right, it's all down hill from here. I can't wait to see them all put together!

    1. YES!!!! I am SO glad that's over with. The only part I'm not looking forward to with regard to putting them together is that the sashing is cheddar.

  6. What beautiful blocks! They all look great--and I love the fabrics, too. Good for you for grabbin' a hold of your big girl panties and gettin' a bit of hitch in your giddy up... or however that saying goes. ;)

    1. I thought about you while I was grabbing my panties . . . erm - somehow that just seems wrong, doesn't it? So glad to hear from you!


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