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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mid-January Update

You will see by the logo at the right, I have joined in on Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.  I've been assigned to Blog Two.  I have decided that I will work on Susan Singleton.  To read more about that, head over to NSLY - Blog Two.

 I am getting set to make this purse, pattern by Indigo Junction, that was a shop model in my quilt shop two years ago.  That's how behind I am on my own projects!  The fabric is wool.  I got the liner fabric yesterday, but am still on the hunt for the leather that I want to use as an accent and also for the handle(s).  Winter weather may delay my road trip to the supplier for the leather until spring and reliable traveling weather.  That disappoints me, because the purse really is a winter purse.

 I have finished the second pre-printed project I was working on.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  I really pushed myself to do this and get it done.  I've used up almost all the variegated flosses I'd collected except for the nicest ones that I will save for small projects that will finish them off.  I think that this will become either a pillow or a framed piece that I will gift to my dauther in law.

This is a lovely present that I recently received.  Pin cushion on top, spool minders, and even a little drawer with tiny treasures.  The pin cushion may end up being replaced by a small biscornu that will fit in the receptacle.

The little gem inside the drawer was a sewing kit (see below) that opens to reveal first a little thimble, then further with a thread keep that has a needle case down its center.

This little JBW Designs chart has been in my drawer for awhile so on a scrap of Jobelan, I stitched it with DMC 321.  I omitted the words and will make it into a little pillow.

I've had more computer problems which I have only partially recovered from this last weekend.  That's what I spent most of my time doing, not projects in the sewing room.  So, alas, that's really all I have to show you this time.

This morning our low was 11.7 degrees with a wind chill that took us down below zero.  I suppose it will be even colder tomorrow morning because the wind hasn't stopped yet.  I feel really awful for everyone up in the northern latitudes.  Wherever you are, I hope you are staying cozy and warm.


  1. What lovely warm colors in this weather! I have that Noah's Ark in my collection too, and I like the idea of the pillow and taking off the letters.

  2. I adore your spool caddy. I use mine all the time.

  3. Your sampler looks great! How fun to use up your variegated floss this way. The Noah's Ark is so nice! I can't wait to see the final finish that you make.

  4. Great projects! That ark would be so cute for a baby pillow. My future Granddaughter has me thinking baby!

  5. Nice finish on the sampler Katherine and the little Noah's Ark is adorable, I think Noah may have a problem though, both his lions are lions if you see what I mean.
    The bag looks interesting, I look forward to seeing it made up. Are you planning on putting leather through your sewing machine? I wouldn't have thought it would be powerful enough.
    The pin cushion/spool minder is wonderful!

  6. Jeekers, it's really cold over there! You need to just hunker down and stitch to keep warm. ;) Love your projects! The pincushion is so neat.

  7. Really a cute gift--I've never seen anything like that, Katherine. Love your little Noah's Ark piece, too...

    Your weather sounds like ours--it's been about 6 degrees each morning with a horrid wind that just takes your breath away. I plan on staying inside and stitching the day away tomorrow :)

  8. Your spool caddy is gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see the bag you will make from the wool.
    Lovely stitched projects.
    You have chosen a beautiful design for the Scarlet Letter Challenge.



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