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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Canadian Journey

Canadian Journey by Italian designer Guilia Manfredini (Guilia Punti Antichi) in cooperation with the "Designing Ladies" in 2006 had whet my appetite before I ever got to Nashville. Before I met Guilia my first thought on seeing her was that she was wearing a simple, but beautiful; casual, but elegant sweater dress. Ah, the Italians and their clothes. When I met her, she told me a story about a friend that had me in tears right there in the middle of the Meet and Greet. Terrific lady. I wanted to start stitching as soon as I got home, but had to wait for the arrival of the Thread Gatherer Silk'n Colors fibers that I'd ordered. As soon as they arrived though, I was stitching away. Absolutely loved, loved, loved that silk thread.

It took me about two months to stitch up all the pieces that will be required to make the sewing necessarie. I will sit down over the summer and concentrate very carefully on following the instructions given by Judy O'Dell for the finishing. I made a few changes to the design, but only Giulia will know what they are. Also, I could not find the dark green silk I needed. But was able to find red. And, since I love red, I decided to switch to that. My favorite part? The beautiful sea maidens.

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