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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Couple of Christmas Gifts

I haven't gotten pictures of all the Christmas presents that have gone out, but these are two that I did. Top is Raspberry Thicket Pincushion. It is a variation of the blackberry pincushion from Piecework Magazine a few years ago. Piecework had been going over to knitting back then, so I don't get it anymore (I think they've gone full tilt to the dark side now). If you're interested, Google "Interweave Press" and "Magazines". Originally the pincushion was a biscornu (pulled down in the middle). I decided to see what a biscornu looked like if you don't pull it down in the middle. And I liked it. To give it weight I wrapped a rock from the driveway in the poly fiber fill and that's in the middle inside the pincushion. The second one is the piece I made for Gift of Stitching's first challenge. I think both recipients will be very pleased.

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  1. Absdolutely beautiful stitching. Just love that raspberry biscornu. Which catalofg did it come form? I'd love to try to find it. Thansk ad Happy Stitching,


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