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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Overdye Conversion Sites

I promised a list of links I used to find overdye floss conversions on the web. I will list the ones that I found helpful as well as how I searched them.

Stitches & Things - This shop in Michigan is very nice; I've dealt with them for chart orders. I found this conversion chart helpful. Do a page search for the DMC number you want to convert.

Carrie's Threads - This is a thread maker who has set up this comparison chart in a PDF file. Put the DMC number you are looking for in the search window in the top toolbar.

Country Garden Stitchery - This site was somewhat helpful. Lookup your DMC number for WDW or GA conversions.

Mirabilia Stitchers - This is for Crescent conversions.

Hand-dyed Fibers - is a search engine thingy that you put in the search criteria (like your DMC number) and it comes up with a whole list of overdyed fiber conversions.

Of them all, Carrie's and Hand-dyed Fibers were most helpful. But, the caveat is that nothing is as good as your own eye. Also, I enjoy stitching with Gentle Art threads the most. I find Crescent is more dear than it should be and I don't care for the feel of Weeks. That being said, there are times when only one of the latter two will do for conversion purposes and you just do what you've got to do.

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