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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bee Line March Box

I've entered the NSDAR competition called "America's Heritage Remembered". I started this process last spring. I've entered in the category Needle Art, subcategory Cross Stitch. Using Kreinik Silk Mori, stitching over two on 32 count Water Lily by Wichelt, I've created a box
memorializing the men of the Bee Line March.   Over the course of four months, I designed the panels based on my research into the march.  Then, I took three months to stitch them.  Another two months went into constructing the box - the first one I've ever done.

Not remembered by many individually, these men are famous for what they did as a group; rushing to the relief of Continental troops during the seige of Boston in August of 1775.  You may have seen my previous "sneek peek" which showed the "Culpeper Flag" reading - Don't Tread on Me - Liberty or Death. 

I knew immediately when I heard of the competition, what I wanted to do - a box, that would contain a list of the names of the men in the company that marched in 24 days from near Shepherdstown, West Virginia (then Virginia) to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

John Adams, writing to James Warren, in Boston, said that the Riflemen could "kill with great exactness".  They were led by Captain Hugh Stephenson who General Washington had personally recommended to congress.  Research showed that they wore rough, fringed garments with "Liberty or Death" Patches on their shirts.  They were to carry their knapsacks, powder horns, shot bags, rifles and food.  These men came from an area that was then the frontier of our country and they looked it.  It is actually described that they wore deer tails in the brims of their hats.  I wanted this piece to look rough, like the frontiersmen, so finished the box edges more obviously than many would have.  I also added a home made (by me!) deer antler button as part of the closure.  The men probably would have had wooden, shell or antler buttons on their shirts and jackets.  The box is lined with silk - just the way a colonial woman would have lined her sewing box.

And inside is the list of names.

I know that submissions were to be made by March 1 and that mine was received in good order.  I sent my package by express mail and even insured it!


There are three levels for judging - State, Regional and National.  I assume I should hear by the end of March whether or not I made State.  Congress (for the DAR) is held in July which is where National winners will be announced.  Don't know if I'll know anything else before then or not.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Yay! Congrats and awesome!!! I knew you could do a fantastic job :)


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