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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Head is Spinning

I follow a blog that had a link today to tea dresses.  That link was to an auction house in New York.  While on their main page I noticed "Tasha Tudor" and Auction.  Turns out, the auction was held back in 2007, probably shortly after her death.  Several years ago in a Victoria magazine, I had seen a lay out of models wearing parts of Miss Tudor's collection with beautiful jewelry.  Well, some of the pieces that were in that lay out were part of this auction - and so many more!  Here's the link to follow to the Tasha Tudor Costume Collection.  When you get there, click on Tasha Tudor in the navigation bar on the left.  Then, on the next page, click on Gallery One under Photo Gallery.  That will take you to the thumbnail views.  Also, when each one comes up large, there is a link over the picture that takes you to multiple views of the one costume.  I hope you enjoy looking at the vintage clothing as much as I did!

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