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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letter M - Prairie Schooler ABC SAL

Just posted this on the SAL blog.  Here are the details - - when I first looked at the chart for this letter I saw her in tropical blues.  So, I've used four different blues on her tail (all Gentle Art overdyed floss) Huckleberry, Tutti Fruitti, Green Pasture & Peacock.  I also changed her hair color to something much more mermaidy - Nutmeg.  The bird is done using Blue Jay, Morning Glory & Midnight.  I thought it ended up looking like something you'd see on a piece of Blue Willow dishware; love it!  I changed the fish from the nondescript dark green to something more Caribbean - a clown fish; using Bittersweet, Fragrant Cloves, Chalk, & Dark Chocolate.  The stitching is done on the same footprint on the chart, just changing the colors.  It was while I was stitching the fish that I looked at the seaweed nearby and suddenly saw a seahorse hiding there.  With a few adjustments and added stitches, of course.  That little neighbody is stitched using Nutmeg, Sunflower, & Dark Chocolate.  Made the egg all purples with Hyacinth & Purple Iris (filling in where the fabric was supposed to be left exposed) and touched it off with a hint of Bittersweet (orange).  If I was to say I was unhappy with any part of the piece, it would be in the sea weed.  The greens just aren't showing up very well on the coffee dyed fabric.  New greens are on the way!  And I've decided to go lighter in my next piece of fabric.  It really has been a sanity saver, working on this piece while we've had to live with 51 inches of snow on the ground.  Here it is, two weeks after the blizzard and we've still got some drifts (drifts now, not snowbanks from shoveling and plowing) that are three and four feet high.  However, warmer temps are allowing us to see some grass in places.  I keep telling myself "Spring is coming.  Spring is coming." and thinking about daffodils!


  1. I like the color changes you have made. I really like the more "turquoisey" look you have.
    Very nice.


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