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Friday, September 10, 2010

I Just Can't Believe It

There's this blog I follow - well, maybe I should say "followed".  I read the newest post and was really offended.  The writer's entry was an open letter to an acquaintance who apparently is a designer and has designed a line for Target.

And I should probably say here that both the designer and Target have nothing to do with this.

All was well until she said she was so glad he was bringing his brand of design to the "Common People".  Wow.  I just could not believe that she wrote that.  And this is the woman who designs popular "French military" fabric that we all buy.  Or maybe that should be "bought".  Because I might just be too common to buy it anymore.

I could have posted a link to her blog, but decided against it.  If you're interested, it's easy enough to look up.  Make up your own  mind.

EDITED:  Yep, Siobhan's right - she's changed the blog entry to read "to those of us who love your work" instead of "to the common people".  Oh, and the comments that a few people put on the entry - about how common we were - well, they're gone too.  What is it the French say?  C'est la vie!


  1. Goodness. I consider myself anything but common and Target is one of my favorite stores to poke around in. I am always finding cute little gifts for my kids and their friends. Maybe it was just a poor choice of words on her part?

  2. I'm proud to be a common person, in fact I think it is much better than being a hypocrite, what say you?

  3. It looks like the blog entry--which I didn't read before--has been reworded. I'm definitely one of the common folk! LOL

    Love your blog header!


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