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Sunday, September 19, 2010


In early August I posted about a "Mystery Tool" that had been given me by a friend at the Historic Society.  I asked for guesses on what it was.  A few people ventured a guess and one person actually knew what it was.  It turns out she has a blog dedicated to the Thingamajig. 

The Singercraft was something invented back in the 20's to use as a tool along with the homemaker's sewing machine to do projects such as rugs (see project page photos below) or as "fake fur" accents on clothing (and idea that I really like).

While I have not yet had time to try it out on my Bernina, it appears that the tool can be used with any sewing machine as it doesn't actually attach to the machine, but is used WITH it. 

And, for those who are curious, these are the instructions for how to use it.  It appears that mine is the 2nd generation of the tool and probably not high on the list of valuable collector's items.

I still hope to experiment with this doololly - I keep saying it, but - when I have time.  Ha!  Let us not hold our breath.

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