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Friday, July 8, 2011

Schwanensee Fertig

. . . or, Swan Lake finished. 

I chose to put the title of this post in German because my 4th great grandmother was of German descent.  I believe that Anna Margaretha was the daughter of Nicolaus Wolfarth (Wohlfarht/Wolford) who came to this country in 1743 aboard the Snow Charlotte.   He married Catherine on July 9, 1746 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  That's just north of Philadelphia.  They were German Reformed members of the Old Goshenhoppen Church and although there are no tombstones now standing with their names, it is believed they were buried there.  Nicholaus is in the records as an early member.  

Anna Margaretha, their second to last child was born January 21, 1763 and christened February 25, 1763.  At about the age of twenty, she was married to Jeremias (Anglicized to Jeremiah) Kershner (also spelled Kerschner/Cashner).  It was their son, Daniel, who married Rebekah Alspach - one of my third great grandmothers that was featured last month.

In June of 1789 Margaretha and Jeremiah sold their 1/2 acre of land with improvements in Hamburg, PA for about three pounds, Pennsylvania money.   In the 1790 census they are accounted as living in Windsor Township, Berks County, PA.  Between 1790 and 1800 they moved to Lehigh/Northampton County area - in the Allentown area.  The births of two of their children are recorded in the Egypt Reformed Church records in Egypt, PA.  They show up in  Northampton County for the 1800 census - in the town of Whitehall.  Jeremiah worked as a tanner - which is a stinky business!  And with 12 kids, we all know what Maggie was doing!   By 1805 they were members of Zion's Reformed Congregation in Upper Milford. 

By 1822 all of their 12 children were been born (some laid to rest in Pennsylvania) and they load up the family and move to Circleville in Fairfield County, Ohio.  Margaretha lived to be a little more than 83 years old; outliving her husband by more than 20 years.  Good German stock!  They had attended church at the (still) Reformed Church that was alternatively called the Glick or Brick church.  Margaretha is buried in the cemetery there with Jeremiah.  Photo of tombstone is courtesy "Find-A-Grave".


  1. Lovely stitching! However, the gravestone is what really caught my eye! And I had not ever heard of Find A Grave. I did genealogy for over 25 years, but stopped in 2005 when my sister lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. I made the decision to focus on the living at that point in my life. Then I found cross stitch again, and more seriously I might add. But--you just cannot shake the genealogy bug away! Every once in a while something comes up and stirs me... like your photo. I have LOADS of headstone pictures, so I may consider this option. I just hate to take away from stitching time!! Oh the dilemma! Hugs.

  2. Gorgeous finish. Love it.
    Loved also to read the history of your grand mother. :)

  3. Lovely finish, Catherine! You are making great progress on your Anniversaries of the Heart! I thoroughly enjoy reading about your family history...looking forward to more great info soon!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Fantastic finish! I am always so intrigued by your family history. Lucky you to know so much of it!


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