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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oops, Forgot to Put this one Up

A couple of months ago - August, I think it was, I found this lovely floral remant at the sewing shop. I had just watched a Sewing With Nancy about "Boutique Sewing" and decided to make a sundress similar to one she'd done on the show. So I was going to use the floral, but with what because it was only like a 3rd of a yard. Looking at it, I noticed that there was some pumpkin orange in the colors. Oddly enough, I had about two yard of pumpkin orange jobelan that I had for a previous project and had no idea what I was going to do with the rest. I also had several fat quarters of quilting cotton in pink and green colors which were also in that floral.

The emphasis in the boutique sewing was that things are finished off - inside and out. So, I decided the floral would go on the bottom of the jumper, the orange at the top. I made one big facing for the top front and back - instead of the little two inch facings the patterns have you do. The facings are stitched together, front and back, and then sewn onto the outside piece in one continuous piece so that all the seams inside are finished off - aren't even seen actually. What you can't see is that in the back, there are teal buttons holding the straps in place. Her grandfather picked those out. The good news is that Emma is so petite that she'll probably be able to wear the sun dress next year too! I really enjoyed making this dress for her.

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