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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tightening the Scroll Rods

Once you have the fabric attached to the scroll rods, you will then tighten it by rolling the rods (winding up the fabric). Some people (like me) like to start their stitching in the center. So, you'd roll up the scroll rods until the center mark you've put in the fabric is basically in the center of the frame - rolling both bars up with some fabric. Shown in photo one. Other people like to start at the top left, so you would tighten all the extra fabric onto one bar leaving the other bar clear for the beginning. This leaves the pins exposed on one side until you've turned the rod enough to cover them, so be careful how you're holding the frame if you do this. Shown in photo two. You're all set to stitch!

Those keen-eyed-viewers will notice that my fabric in photo one has no marking in the center. You're right! That's because I put this Country French "Chocolate" fabric on the scroll rod frame so that I can make another of the blackberry truffle tuffets (shown at top of my blog page in the triophoto). Only this one is going to be raspberries in pink tones. So, I'll actually be starting my stitching at the top left like in photo two.

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