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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using a Scroll Bar Frame - A Twelve Step Program

I passed on an older model Scroll Rod Frame to my daughter in law who needs to know how to use it. I thought maybe there were others who don't know how or need a refresher course. I use scroll rod frames exclusively. The best part about them is that you can add your metallic threads or beads or other, thicker, embellishments; without crushing them like you would in a hoop.

I do not sew my fabric to the scroll rods anymore. Used to, but a few years ago, I saw someone use this pinning method. I thought, huh, that looks ALOT easier than sewing. And it is.

First Step: You need the right pins. The photo shows my glass headed, long, dressmaker's pin (yellow) stuck into the fabric next to my short (about 1 inch long) nickel applique pin. It's the applique pins I use for this and the reason is the small head. I can attach the fabric with them and roll them up and there is practically no bulk on the scroll rod. Applique pins should be easily found at your local chain sewing store like Joann, but if they're not there, try a quilt shop.

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