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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Explaining July

Had a question posted recently by Wnnka.  She wanted to know why I put the "snowflake" down with the country stars at the bottom of the Prairie Schooler "July" sampler.

Well, the snowflake is actually the compass that was done up above the ocean in the original sampler - it was in a box and had W, N, E & S compass points.  I had to get rid of it to accomodate my mega fireworks in the sky.  But, I really liked the compass.  So, I decided to put it below with the country stars. 

I was going to attach letter beads - like baby bracelets are made out of?  But, the ones that I have are too big.  I need to find smaller ones.  So, for now the compass looks like Wnnka said - a snowflake.  I guess I could be like the Amish who say they make mistakes on purpose because no one other than God is perfect (I think some Amish lady is really smart for coming up with that one); and I could have said something like - it means Christmas in July, of course!  Not!

Thanks for asking Wnnka!

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