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Monday, July 5, 2010

July Sampler Finished !!

I previewed my PS July sampler last week and finished it up over this holiday weekend.

Here's how it looks on the Prairie Schooler website:

And here is what mine looks like:

There are three major things I changed - the linen color, the phrase, and the fireworks.  Not to say that's ALL I changed ('cause I really did a lot!), but those are the BIG changes.  I'm really pleased with it.  For the most part I used Gentle Art threads - Presidential Blue, Buckeye Scarlet, Chalk, Morning Glory, Black Crow, and Sarsparilla.  I threw in Crescent Colors Grasshopper and Golden Star as well as Weeks Meadow.  I eliminated several objects which crossed a lot of colors off the PS list.  Also, it called for two reds; one dark and one plain red.  I just used the one red and got enough variation in it that it didn't matter.  I also finished off several spools of Kreinik that I'd been hanging onto from older projects.  Don't know exactly what colors they were, but DO know that when I stitched with the BF alone, I used four strands.  When I was stitching with one of the strands of floss, I used two strands of BF.

Whenever I look at this sampler, I will always remember that this was the year that my wonderful farmer's market, a couple miles up the road, lost 75% of their cherry crop.  And they have such WONDERFUL cherries!  Dagone frost!

Hope you all had a terrific 4th of July - I go on Wednesday to get my award for the DAR piece!


  1. That is really darling, darling, it a colonial feel! Love it!!!!

  2. Lovely! Love the white building on the blue ground!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for sharing! Love your stitched work - it is beautiful!

  4. Congratulations Katherine, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Oh... a year with no cherries. How sad. The sampler looks fabulous! (whispering...much nicer than the original plan)

  6. You've truly made it a one of a kind! I like your changes and have a question: what made you stitch the snowflake square at the bottom instead of the colonial type star? I find that very interesting! Great job :-)


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