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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More From the Heritage Day Quilt Display

A friend of mine from the historical society recently mentioned she'd taken some pictures of the quilts that day at the Berkeley County Museum where I put up the display "Quilts of Berkeley County".  She was kind enough to share her pictures with me; so here they are:

In the background is the applique by my friend Carol called "Grandma Janet's Backyard".  On the bed is an old quilt that was donated; it is on permanent display in the room.  Sadly, we have no background on it.  In the foreground on the right is one of two fabulous crazy quilts that we had.  This one is dated 1885.  On the left you can just see the patchwork made of dress scraps.

These two were loaned by my friend Linda.  They were done by her Grandmother from fabric scraps.  The one of the left used satins and seersucker.

Above is one of the oldest quilts we had in the display - it was dated in the stitching as 1860.  It was red, green and white.  Since we also had long-running display celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in the kitchen, I thought that the colors in the quilt went great with that theme.

The instant that I saw the "Tree of Life" quilt done by my friend Phyllis (all hand applique!) I knew it had to go in the Lincoln Room because of the color.  In the foreground is the "50 States" quilt done by another local lady - it has 50 blocks embroidered with the state birds and flowers and was also a real beauty.

This beautiful and old Fruit Basket quilt was displayed in the Other Wars Room.

This is the last picture I have of the quilts on display.  Hopefully I'll be able to gather up a few more of the others.  In this picture is the red and white patchwork made by a woman named Georgia in the 1950's.  It is beautiful in its simplicity.  The quilt on the mantel, called "Froggy 4th of July" and the two pillows were made by me.

 This is not all the quilts.  Hopefully I will be able to gather up more photos from other people and post them soon.  Also, Deb over at the Thread Gatherer is having a flower frog giveaway.  You should go visit her blog!  She's the one that I copied with storing my scissors in the flower frog.  But her frogs are WAY better than my plain old glass one.  Check her out.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing the pics, Katherine! It must have been amazing to see such a fantastic display of handwork.

  2. Wonderful quilts! Historical Societies are among my favorite places-loved the mix of old and new quilts together.

  3. There must have been so many quilts there! I would love to have seen them... I'd be the one gazing in awe and being gently herded out the door at the end of day.


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