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Saturday, July 31, 2010

More From the Quilt Display

Turns out my friend Nancy had taken a bunch of pictures at the Heritage Day quilt display and she shared them with me.  Thanks Nancy!

This quilt was made of cross stitched blocks and hand quilted.  You can see on the right an example of the information sheets I put with each quilt.  I told as much of the story as I could about the quilt itself and where it was made in the county.  I also included a photograph of the maker.  I was surprised that in most cases the people who loaned the quilts to us did have photos available.  Not only were the quilts honored and passed down within the families, but their makers were remembered well also.

This Dresden Plate quilt was one of two made by the same woman whose daughter told me that in her later years, her mother (a tailor by trade earlier in life) would get up early in the morning and quilt all day into the late evening hours.

This quilt was made by the Piecemakers Guild of Berkeley County and raffled off as a fundraiser.  It is made up of plain quilted blocks, nine patches and blocks with monochrome images of historic buildings in Berkeley County.

I am still missing a few quilt images and hope to get a response to the call I've placed in the society's newsletter to fill in the gaps.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. The Dresden plate quilt is so pretty! I hope someone remembers my stitching in a similar way...


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