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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Eden

I am determined not to start stitching on BBD's AotH until Christmas.  Having finished the stitching on Spirit of America, I have to keep myself busy.  So, I've begun on Adam Names the Creatures by Prairie Schooler.

Mr. & Mrs. Eden (a.k.a. Adam and Eve)

I am not going to start stitching a whole bunch of AandE's as many wonderful stitchers have done.  I sort of fell into this one, finding the older chart at a shop that I occasionally visit.  I have it more because it's a PS than because it's an A/E.

It is being stitched on Lambswool Jobelan, like the chart model was.  Mine is 14 count.  It just so happened that I had this hunk of fabric and I wasn't planning on using it since I prefer linen.  But, when I decided to stitch the chart, I went ahead with the Jobelan.  That's where I parted with PS choices for stitching though.  The country colors have just gotten too gray for me anymore.  So, as I did with the PS ABC's, so I did with Mr. & Mrs. Eden.  First I converted the original colors to more clear DMC's.  Then I converted the DMC's to Weeks or Crescent (I'm trying to use up supply to make more room for my Gentle Art).

You may have noticed that Adam and Eve aren't the same color.  I decided that they could be different.  After all, she's been hanging out under the tree, conversing with the snake and Adam's been strolling around in the garden, under the Mesopotamian sun.  Eve is also a little hipper - I cinched in her waist a bit more to give her a figure.  And I decided last year that I really like a splash of turquoise, so I've made those birds blue.  That'll be about the only blue there is in the piece.  Oh, and we all know how men are with food of any kind, so Adam, instead of standing there empty handed (and supposedly innocent) as in the chart - he's got an apple core in his hand!  Go FIGure!  Color changes available on request - hope you enjoy!


  1. I LOVE your A&E and I love the changes you made! Funny thing, I received this chart in a grab bag at my LNS this past weekend. I was intrigued by it and now, seeing your beautiful piece I think that I will add it to my "to stitch soon" pile!

    If you would not mind, I would greatly appreciate your conversions! Just drop me a line at Thanks so much!

  2. Love your A&E. I am one of those who actually does want to stitch a bunch of them but as yet haven't stitched a single one!

  3. I love your A&E! The changes you made are wonderful. I don't know that I've seen that chart before. Can't wait to see more of your progress!

  4. I think the color changes are great !!! That A & E looks so much better with your color choices!

  5. It looks great to me... I think it makes sense that they wouldn't be the exact same colour. Off to look at your PS ABC's if i can find them.


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