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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Sampler - Framed

Went into Michael's today and picked up this nice 8x10 frame.  Gives the sampler a cottagey feel; I thought they went well together.

Micahel's is having a great framing sale, by the way.  Several are buy one - get one for a penny.  This one was among the deal.


  1. That has turned out absolutely beautiful! Lucky couple.

  2. Wonderful finish and great frame

  3. Its lovely, the frame complements it perfectly

  4. What a wonderful finish and the frame is perfect for it.

  5. Katherine, it looks beautiful.... and I like the way the frame goes with it. Good choice !!
    So glad you have luck with Michael's framing. I went to my local one to buy a 6x6 piece of regular glass and they wanted $28 !!! Crazy !! I bought museum glass at Hobby Lobby for $7...


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