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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Comes Again

Back in 2007 I picked up Prairie Schooler's Thanksgiving Comes Again (book # 141).  It features PS's well known verse/scene theme for this month's big family holiday.  Back then I was doing a lot of stitching for sale; time was of the essence; abbreviation was required.

I finally settled on this:

Basically I stitched a part of the scene on the bottom of the sampler and then a couple of words.  Added a few more geese to fill in space too.  I also wanted to speed up the framing process.  I picked up the frames, really nice coppery colored ones, on sale.  They are 8x10 photo size - that gives you an idea of scale.

I stretched WDW overdyed wool in Wine over foam core board and then cut my linen to a size that was smaller than the field of the background.

I then fringed about a half inch of the linen on all sides and laid it out on top of the wool.  I didn't even have to tack it because the wool grabs the linen and keeps it in place - like a flannel design wall grabs your quilt squares.

Then I just closed up the frames and covered the back with some very pretty scrapbook paper (they were small enough for that).

I thought you guys might like to see this way of decreasing the amount of stitching and saving money on framing.  I'm glad I did this post because I'd forgotten about my version of this - need to pull it out of the basement and hang it up since it IS that time of year again!  Hope you like it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great idea. It should definitely make some of my framed finishes a little easier!

  2. Lovely stitching and a great framing idea

  3. Brilliant! I bet I have some small stitcheries finished and left in the closet that I can really finish easily now. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for that, Katherine! I have a few pieces in my stitched pile that I don't want to spend the money on for framing, yet I don't want to have a bunch of pillows around the place, either. That's a great idea. Thanks for the step by step process, too. I'm hopelessly inept at doing anything other than sending to a finisher or giving to a framer. Beautiful stitching, btw!

  5. Would like to know what is the largest size piece you have framed using this tecnique? Thanks, Pat""

  6. I think you have to be extremely careful doing it this way especially having a "border" on your piece as it should run EXACTLY parallel to the framing otherwise all the hard work is shot to peices as it is out of kilter!! and the eyes go exactly to THAT type of neatness/or not.


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