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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Sampler - Modified from BBD 2008 Mystery Sampler

When I was stitching the BBD 2008 Mystery Sampler, I got to the second chart and imagined it in different colors.  All of the sudden I saw a wedding sampler.  So I have this acquintance who was recently married and I thought, this would be perfect for her!

I did the top and left side following the pattern from the first chart in the mystery sampler, then the center medallion from the second chart in the mystery sampler.  The right side sort of mirrors the left side.  The bottom is the word LOVE, using the letters in the first chart.  I fiddled with a lot of the berrys - actually had to take some out to make room for the medallion and stars over top of it.  If I had to do it again I would probably start out with left green vine first, then stitch the medallion; that way there'd be less taking out of berrys.

As far as colors go, the darker green was supposed to be WDW Moss.  Well, I'd run out of that, so I made the DMC substitution; 469 I think.  Then used the WDW Olive that was called for in the chart.  The blackbirds along the edges are done in Flax.  I used a light purple and a dark purple instead of the Peacock called for in the chart.  Purple is the bride's favorite color.  Then the blackbirds over the medallion, instead of making them black, they're now done in Gentle Art Chalk - which makes them into doves!

This was super easy to do.  I am a fast stitcher.  I began on Friday night.  I felt punky on Sunday, so sat down to stitch a couple of times during the day - that day only.  Otherwise, my stitching is done early in the morning and in the evening when I'm watching T.V.  So, it could be banged out in a week if you needed a quick present for a bride and groom.  It's stitched on R&R Old Mill Java and came out to be about 5 x 7 inches.  That means I can find a nice 8 x 10 photo frame to put it in and viola!  Hope you like it!


  1. I love to see stitchers create their own unique pieces from different designs...and yours is lovely!! Very impressive...and I bet she loves it!


  2. SUPER CUTE Katherine! It is gorgeous!!!

  3. Wonderful modification! I love it! (This bride's colors were purple and green.....want to stitch it again for me? LOL!)

  4. I love it !! So Beautiful !! Like the doves!

  5. I love the way you've modified this design, the blackbirds make perfect doves!

  6. Very pretty! It looks great.

  7. Very nice colours! I love that this is a quick stitch...especially for me, because I am not a quick stitcher. There are times when you would like to make something for someone and a lot of things out there would be impossible for me to complete in a timely fashion. Nice job!


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